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Mixer Conrete Truck

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What are the functions? To mixing huge amount of concrete and deliver it to the construction area .

In the mixing barrel there is a spiral blade. when it turn on in clockwise direction it push deeper the concrete and when it turn on the other direction it force the concrete to come out of the barrel .How do we use it? It maintain the materials. turning the barrel to mixing and delivery the concrete.

.What is it made of? The truck common materials is steel or any metal object. The steel is hardened to increase heat treatment or by adding high levels of chromium (a very hard metal) and nickel (a very dense metal) during the forging process. a ballistic fiberglass is used to line the interior of the body. The windows of the truck are either made up of several layers of automotive glass. Galvanized (zinc) and stainless steel have been used to combat body rust and corrosion. In some applications.

The patent was rejected in April 1917 by the patent office. on December 21.Who engineered the tool? Stephen Stepanian (February 28. 1882 – October 1964) Stephen invented a self-discharging motorized transit mixer that was the predecessor of the concrete mixer truck and applied for a patent in 1916. Stepanian reapplied for the patent and received approval on November 21. However. 1933. 1928. .

000 US$ to 200.000US$ . The price is around 30. the condition. and the maximum capacity of mixing concrete weight to processed.How much does it cost? The price is variety depending on year the truck created. the type.

How long is the endurance? Concrete mixer truck has a lifespan that is dependent on the care of the truck .

Where can we buy it? In indonesia are many companies that produce them and we can buy it from online store too .

When do we use it? We usually use it 90 minutes before casting. because many contractors who require concrete mixer truck was on the scene within 90 minutes after loading the material .

Where do we use it? The truck is used when we are in the construction of major projects .

Who can use it? • Worker or engineer who know how to operate the concrete mixer truck .

and can not reach the location quickly. • can not enter if you are in a small way .What is the weakness • if located on the highway concrete mixer machine can not drive at high speed when it is needed suddenly.

heat machine 5 minutes prior to travel. 2. replace the diesel fuel filter regularly 5.How can we maintain the tool ? 1. use the recommended engine oil 3. Avoid turning off the machine wait 10 to 15 minutes after stopping unless the truck is already installed include turbo timer 4. clean the diesel fuel filter regularly .

Excessive Mini Mixer has a load volume of cast concrete per one way 3 m³. Mini Mixer Trucks (Truck MiniMix concrete). cramped or uphill. . •. Type of truck is more flexible for all terrain.Is the alternative tool? 1.