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The Tropic Reef

By: Cienna O. and Jasdeep L.

Overall View of the Island
25% of the population is under 12 years old

25% of the population is 12-17 years old

50% of the population is 18 years and older

How will the island be ruled?
The island is ruled by a Democracy.
How will leaders be selected?
The leader of the island is chosen through Qualifications:
elections You must be older than 30 years of age
Qualifications: Must have a High School Education and
You must be older than 30 years of age
Must have a High School Education and
Diploma Political background or vast knowledge
Political background or vast knowledge of politics
of politics Upto 6 candidates can run for a sub-leader
Excels in problem solving
Shows high standards for leadership
People 18 and older are able to vote
Upto 6 candidate can run for the leader
How long will a leader remain the islands leader?

The leader will remain as the islands leader temporarily for 6 months and
for 2 terms. It depends on the time the citizens are to remain on the
The leader is responsible for enforcing the law and rights on the citizens.
The leader is also responsible for finding rescuers for the island.
For more serious crimes, the leader is responsible for making decisions for
the punishment, but for little crimes the leader needs to be present with
a judge while the judge makes the decision.
How long will a leader remain the islands leader?

Work Distribution
The work will be distributed by the leader and sub-leader. Both leaders are in
charge of providing work for the citizens by making buildings to introduce
businesses. Once businesses are running, jobs will be provided.
How will laws and decisions be established
and be established by?
In order for any law to be passed
the leader, the sub-leaders and every voter must be present

There is a maximum of three days for the law to be passed

The voters of the island are to decide if the law should be passed or not
The leader and the sub-leaders are allowed to vote on the law

The leader is to sign off the law, if approved

Laws of the Island
1. The official languages of the island are English, French and Spanish.
2. Any murder committed results to extra hours of work, decided time in jail by the judge and are sent to the
depths of the forest to survive for 4 days by themself.
3. No form of violence is to be committed on the island, the consequences of violence on the island results to
extra work time for a month.
4. All race, religion and caste are to be respected and any religion can be practiced on the island.
5. If caught stealing, one is fined the value of the possession that was stolen.
6. It is mandatory for children from ages 4 to 18 to attend school for the minimum of 4 hours.
7. Resources should not be wasted
All citizens from ages 13-18 are to work 4 hours maximum
Citizens aged 19-65 are to work a minimum of 4 hours and the maximum of 6 hours.
Exemptions: Illness, injuries or death in the family
Judge Farmers
Teachers and Professors Doctors and nurses
Engineers Construction Builders
Accounting and Finance Lumberjack
Tailors Police officers
Holidays and Dates to
January 1- New Years Day August 26- Civics Day
February 14- Valentines day September 30- First day of school
March 17-St. Patricks day October-Diwali
First weekend of April- Easter Weekend November 16- Family Day
April 10-20- Junior Olympics December 1-January 10-December break
May 7- Take your kids to work day for children-
Summer- Eid December 24- Christmas Eve
June 1- Last day of school December 25- Christmas Day
July 9- Workers Appreciation day December 31- New Years Eve