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Prof. Jitendra Sharma
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Akshita Paliwal
Harsha Silan
Pintu Maharana
Sharmil Mehta

Country Profile
• Formal Name: Republic of Ghana.

• Short Form: Ghana.

• Term for Citizens: Ghanaian(s).

• Capital: Accra.

• Political system- Democratic

• President- Mr. John Dramani Mahama

• Date of Independence: March 6, 1957.

About Ghana
 Population
Population of Ghana is 24.97millions (females-51%, males 49), population density
of 78 persons per sq. km (201 per sq. mi)
 Language and Religions
Official language English, local languages are GA, Dagomba, Akan and Ewe. 41
percent Christian, 12 percent Muslim,
 Geography
Total area of 238,533 square kilometers,
 Physical Infrastructure
Road Connectivity (world average 0.46)
Air 0.46 no. of airport
Rail Penetration(947km)
Energy (Production (Bn KWh): 8.204 (world 19020 Bn KWh)
Consumption (Bn KWh): 6.76 (world 17480 Bn KWh)
Water Resources : 0.98 cu km/yr.

Abokyer-may. Ghanaians enjoy hot and spicy foods. Culture of Ghana  Lifestyle and Family Ghana’s culture is strongly influenced by Europe but the country is striving to conserve and promote their African culture  Diet Fish is also common.nov. . T-shirts and knee length shorts are also accepted  Festival – Dodoleglime. Tropical fruit and vegetables supplement the diet  Dress Light weight clothes are best for the heat. Homovo-sep. but women wear long skirts and men wear long pants.

diamonds.62 .$1. aluminum. timber. as well as the World Trade Organization.$779 million International Trade Ghana is active in the United Nations and many of its specialized agencies.1jan to 31st dec. Per Capital income. foodstuffs Export.GDP Growth Rate is 7. manganese ore. Economy Of Ghana Monetary Unit The cedi (¢).2 billion & Import. tuna. Imports. and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).9% Fiscal year. the African Union (AU).64 Indian rupees Export and Import Export-Gold. GDP. the Nonaligned Movement.¢14. cocoa. bauxite.Capital equipment.071. One cedi equals to 27. petroleum.

Advantages of Doing Business in Ghana  Official language: English  Member of the World Trade Organization (WTO)  Export free zones where goods traded with other countries are exempt from customs duties and laws  Telecom industry Growth Rate 1.1%  Near to ocean .

and good reputation) . dignity.( honor. Business Etiquettes  Time’s A factor  Brief Your Self  Take the time and get to know one another a little bit  Hierarchy and the respect a higher social status commands  Professional and academic titles are important  Concept of face.


Maharashtra. India. currently on a 5. • Telenor Group holds a majority stake in Uninor of 67. • Products and services are available from a more than 332. and has invested Rs 14.000 retail outlets serviced by 1. • Offers mobile voice and data services based on the GSM technology.8 million customers and a total workforce of 16. • Joint venture between Telenor group and Unitech group. • Uninor has 31. . Goa. 6 months later.25%. • Serves more than 3 crore customers in the states of Uttar Pradesh. Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh. 5 additional circles were launched including metropolitan areas like Mumbai and Kolkata. Jharkhand. Bihar.000 Crore in establishing and running Uninor operations. About Uninor • Uninor is a young mobile operator based in Gurgaon.500 people. • It is an affordable mass market service.4 MHz spectrum. Uttarkhand.576 distributors. • Launched in 8 circles on 3 December 2009.

 Number of Employee: 40.Company Profile  Name of Company: Uninor Telecom.000 employees across the globe.  Status: A world class GSM service provider  Joint Venture: Telenor (Norway) & Unitech Wireless (p) Ltd (India)  Telenor: World’s 6th largest telecom company (Presence in 14 countries)  Unitech Wireless: A constituent of India’s 2nd largest real estate firm Unitech  Market share of Telenor: 67.75%  In India: Rollout license for 21 circles out of 22 telecom circles. We are here to help”.  Current status: Launched in 13 circles including Maharashtra.25%  Market share of Unitech Wireless: 32. .  Punch Line: ab mera number hai  Vision: “We exist to help you get the full benefits of communications services in our daily lives.  Experience in Telecom Sector: More than150 years  Total Number of Mobile Subscription: 174 million.

STD 50 p / min 60p/min • 24X7 changing discount plan Upto 60% discount depending on the ISD time and place. Talk time Rs. 26 • Prepaid CDMA and GSM mobile services in 8 circles out of 22 Validity 365 Days circles in India.5/. 10 Local Call (Uninor to 50 p/min Uninor & Others) 60p/min (5% to 60% Price discount) • Pioneer concept.per event • Callmore@29p/min . 48 Rs. SMS Local & National 25p/ SMS • Smart Tariff Plan • Talklonger@29p/min MMS Rs. Marketing Mix Product Cost of pack Rs. one of its kind.

. Ambitious youth. Bangalore. Marketing Mix Promotion • Hoardings with the changing discount rates along with the time for which they are applicable • TV and web advertisements featuring their own employees – treasuring their people the most • Localized advertisements and different versions of the tagline ‘Ab mera number hai’ • Campaigns without famous personalities and celebrities to contain marketing costs. Hyderabad. Varanasi. Agra. Place • 8 circles of 22 Indian telecom cities like Mumbai.‘Ab mera number hai’Brand Ambassador. Energetic. Lucknow.Young. Noida. Kolkata. Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. Kochi. Chennai. Delhi. Greater Noida. • Slogan.

STP Analysis Positionin g Targeting Segmenti ng .

Current: 540 million. • Targeting youth as well as all the ambitious people. • Future: 1. • Break-even in 3 years • Positive operating cash flow within 5 years in India. They hope to launch across the entire country by the end of the year. a credible market share can be built only after that. STP Analysis Segmenting • Teenagers. • First priority is to roll out across the country.2 billion customers by 2018. Positioning • Aim to be the best . youngsters Targeting • The company is targeting for 8% market share in India by 2018.

•Different segmentation strategy as compared to competitors. •Simple prepaid plan in which a local call is priced at 29 paisa/minute. the lower the price gets. SWOT Analysis   Strengths •Joint venture between world’s 6th largest telecom company and India’s 2nd largest real estate company. •Innovative promotional strategy. Weakness •It has still not launched postpaid schemes •Late entrant in the market. •Use of real young people in promotion instead of any role model. •Too much outsourcing may go against the health of the company. •Least capital investment as various services are outsourced. •Decentralized management structure. . •Least number of employees. •The more you talk.

the company has great opportunities.Rs. •Increasing network distribution. The national mobile tele-density is about 39 per hundred. 125 (71% of pocket money) • Girls. •Approximately 10-15 million mobile connections are being added every month.Kapda Ipod and Cellphone. SWOT Analysis Opportunities •Expected incre in market size by 500 million in2010 (almost double).Rs.106 (62% of pocket money) • New mantra of youth. . Statistics- • Cell phone ownership- • Total. but Rural areas- 13.51% • Male-56% • Female-44% • Youth (16-19 years)-64% • Amount spent on Mobile per month (average)- • Boys. •Micro segmentation strategy in rural markets adopted by the company. Urban areas-75 (in Mumbai). •Falling handset prices and tariff rates.

Vodafone 4.BSNL 8. • Extensive Government regulations through TRAI as regards introduction of new services.Reliance 2. Ltd. Competitors 1. • Bloodbath in the market due to price war.Virgin .Idea 3. the Videocon group-promoted Datacom.Tata Indicom 10. Vodafone. SWOT Analysis Threats • Competitors like Airtel. • Uninor is likely to be followed by Etisalat of United Arab Emirates Pvt. and Bahrain’s Batelco co-owned STel. Reliance. BSNL.Tata Docomo 5.Airtel 9.Aircel 6.MTNL 7.

Competitors of Uninor in Ghana .

professionals. entrepreneur Women and senior citizens Market Positioning : Most affordable network . STP of Airtel Industry Market segment : Market Niche. Mass Customization Market Target : Elite group.

4 P’s Of Marketing • Product • Price • Promotion • place .

SWOT Analysis • Strengths • Weakness • Opportunities • Threats .

10 Districts.100 Villages . Mode Of Entry  Marketing office  Guideline for Entry(national communication authority)  Application Form  7 (Self Marketing office)  We cover 7 mega city.

Location decision  Population  Competitor Airtel network Vodafone network .

Uninor Network In Ghana .

youngsters.  Teenagers.  Target market  15% market share  50 lakh customers  Network in all over Ghana  Positing  Lowest price but complete facility  A business efficiency tool. . STP Analysis  Segment  Lower middle class and upper lower class people  Service person(sales and distribution ) call at list 40 to 50 calls per day.

GH¢1.Uninor 2 Uninor 11pm to 7 am free in 8GHA only • BlackBerry pack. Travel. Road) • Video clip send and received  Accounts are recharged with top up cards available in various denominations of 50p GH¢1.GHA6 for 30 day. Match Score Pack. Uninor Marketing mix  Product & Price • SMS pack . GHC10/-month 1000Msg.0.GHA 6/. GH¢10. 3G GHC 60 1. Music Pack. GH¢2.month 400Msg. Love SMS Pack.GHC6/. GH¢20 GH¢50.5.GHC 15/. .2GB . club.Game • MMS service • Information service (Hotel. ETC…… • Call Rate Cuter Pack. GH¢ 4.GHA99 for one month • Games. • Caller tune service.GHA 5 /.068Gp for 3month • Night Pack.5GB for 30days • Jock Pack. Gha12 for 3 month • Net pack 2G and 3G. Restaurant. GHC 5.

 Place Price: 35000 $ City: Kumasi (incl. Cont…. Nungua) Square (m2): 1 Number of floors: 1 Number of rooms: 4 Square of land (a): 1 . Teshie. Tafo) Square (m2): 80 Number of floors: 1 Number of rooms: 4 Square of land (a): 80 Price: 2500 $ City: Accra (incl.

Size :.000 GHA Tag line. Cont….Right Side Banner.4 MHz • Website: www.“NOW IS MY TURN”  Paper media • The Ghanaian times. 1 marketing office in west(Abengourou) .Telephone: 300281-2 .GH¢7 for 1000 Impressions  Audio media:  Gold FM : Frequency: 90. Ghanaian Voice  Package :. tamle.Right column of displayed pages • • Location: Link Road/Lartehbiokorshie . lome.160 x 600 pixels • Location :. Daily Guide. 1 marketing office in east(Drobo).Coverage: 80 Km • Format: Local/International News (English) Music (Variety) • City: Accra.00. Bolgatanga .Gold FM.  Promotion – 1.

Organizational Structure Managing Directors.7 Finance.40 .28 Administrative & Executive.50 Sales executive.34 & call center-30 Security guards & helping staff.28 Network & internet – 28 Telecommunication.

total retailer 500. Plan generate • Company stores • Company Own Store consumer • Individual Retail Distributer Costumer • Costumer . • Also provide online Recharge and bill paying facilities. Distribution Channel • It’s recharge and SIM also going to sell through independent retailers Special for slum and villages.

00. Budget Employee salary Expense  Expenses • Building and Land •Senior Manager ₵ 1000 Manager ₵ 800 • Purchase land and building • Deputy Manager .000 •Executive .00000 •Senior Project Engineer ₵ 350 • 60 tower in rural area (150000*60) 90.000 •MIS EXECUTIVE ₵ 564 • Computer equipment ₵ 50. so we invest 30% own money and other 70% money take loan to bank .Monthly ₵ 675 • (60 store purchases) •Executive ₵ 600 • Furniture (fan and AC include) ₵ 1.₵ 100000 Source of fund: Uninor is private company so we can’t issued share.00.00000 •Area Sales Manager ₵ 250 • Total Expense 1656631 Advertisement expenses.00.Service Operations ₵ 750 • Building and land in metro city ₵ 12.000 •Manager-SCM ₵ 503 • Tower installation expenses(150000* 100) •Area Sales Officer ₵ 439 • 40 tower in metro city (150000*40) 60.Monthly ₵ 700 • Building and land in rural area ₵ 3.000 • (40 store purchases) •Executive .

aspx • • http://ar11. Reference • • http://www.studymode.html • country=ghana&operator=tigo&gclid=CKHuwZ- u1LYCFZFw6wod03UAkw • http://www.php • of-users-on-mobile-money/10050/ • https://www.millicom.aspx?cid=guj in-ghana-heats-up.