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The Problem
The Solution
Power Point by Carlee Coulehan

THE PROBLEM N OT VE RY N O TIC E AB L E What people think drowning What it really looks like looks like .

brain damage . drunkenness.By four minutes. .Airway above water’s . poor flip turning . death likely kicking .Submerged (face and airway are surface covered) .Cannot talk .Vertical in the water . . seizure. THE PROBLEM N O T VE RY N OTIC E AB L E Why do people start drowning? Lack of swimming skills.By six minutes.By one minute.Thrashing arms. Two Phases of Drowning: #1 Distress #2 Drowning According to Starguard . unconscious . no . spinal injury.

gov From 2005 – 2014 in the USA alone: .About 332 boat-related drownings every year .About 3. 536 drowning fatalities every year and . THE PROBLEM S TAT I S T I C S According to cdc.

THE PROBLEM STATIST IC S . drowned in Tuscon in July . another five need to be hospitalized .Only 1 out of 5 drowning fatalities are children 14 and younger Man.For every child who drowns. intoxicated.

8 year old drowning Where it happened victim Nydailynews. THE PROBLEM P R I N C E ’ S S T O RY Prince .

” Make sure everyone in your life Stay informed takes swimming lessons . or swimming ability. race. THE SOLUTION BE KNOWLEDGEABLE First step: acknowledge drowning is possible “We believe that any person can drown regardless of age.

THE SOLUTION B E P RE PARE D “Team is what it takes!” Never swim alone Don’t drink and swim Life jackets are stylish and life. Neighborhood pools should be saving fenced on four sides with clean .

com . THE SOLUTION B E P R OAC T I V E Get CPR certified Carry supplies http://www.123cpr.