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School Bus Stop Arm

► Stop arm cameras are a solution that
will capture violations and improve
student safety
► Program is at no cost to the County,
and there may be a small amount of
► Study results indicate that at least
6,000 violations occur in one year
Local Violation Statistics
► ACPS Transportation works closely with
► Process in place for drivers to report
passing incidents to ACPD
 49 violations reported in 2010-11
 73 violations reported in 2011-12
 90 violations reported YTD (4/29/2013)
►Up from 46 when I reported in December
Overview of Current Process
► Requires driver to divert attention from
 Difficult to obtain all information needed to
 Drivers may have to miss work for court
► Labor intensive
 Driver writes report
 ACPD reviews and issues citation/summons
 All parties must appear in court
Bus Driver Survey Results
► Survey was taken during pilot to gauge
overall experiences of bus drivers
► 41 drivers reported at least 1 violation
per week (about 25%)
 27 drivers reported 1-3 violations per week
 9 drivers reported 3-5 violations per week
 5 drivers reported more than 5 violations
per week
Pilot Study Results
► Cameras were placed on 2 buses
 Bus 99 (Route 29 N)
 Bus 158 (Hydraulic Road/W. Rio Rd)
► Study consisted of 41 operating days
► 79 Violations were recorded during this
 31 for bus 99
 48 for bus 158
Extrapolating the Data
► Based on the bus driver survey, 41 buses
are experiencing between 84 and 161
incidents of passing per week
► For 36 school weeks, this means that
passing incidents occur 3,024 to 5,796 times
► With $85 flowing to ACVA/ACPS per violation,
this could generate $257,040 to $492,660 in
residual revenue for these 41 buses
Extrapolating the Data
► The 79 incidents captured during the
study average out to one violation per
bus, per day
► During 180 days of school, this could
equal 360 violations that put students
at risk for these 2 buses alone
► Adding in summer school, the total
number of violations is likely over 6,000
► Proceed with pursuing the full program
to include issuance of citations
► Transportation will have a short trial
with other vendors to ensure the best
solution is pursued
Next Steps
► Local ordinance allowing photo
enforcement will need to be passed by
BOS per
§ 46.2-844 (PG County is first in VA)
► Coordinate with ACPD regarding certifying
► Procurement will need to be finalized
► Public education campaign regarding
citation issuance program