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Simple present/present continuous
SIMPLE I study in the UTCAM

Is used to express routines, quotidian
facts and situations.
In spanish is the "presente".
Is used to express actions that happen
at the same time in
which it is spoken. In spanish is called

I am studying in the UTCAM
CONTINUOUS In this moment

SIMPLE PRESENT • English • Spanish I talk Hablo You talk Hablas/Hablan/Habláis She talks Habla (ella) Third person He talks Habla (él) It talks Habla (eso/esto) We talk Hablamos They talk Hablan .

SIMPLE PRESENT Is formed with the following structure: Affirmative form: Subject + verb + complement .

SIMPLE PRESENT Negative form: Subject + don’t + verb + complement .

SIMPLE PRESENT Interrogative form: Do + subject + verb + complement .

it changes for the vowel “i”: Study – Studies -When the verb ends in “o”: Do – Does -When the verb ends in “ch. SIMPLE PRESENT In the third person adds an –s at the end of the verb • There are verbs that add –es -When ends in the consonant “y”. Wash – Washes. x. Miss – Misses.Mixes . s”: Watch – Watches. sh. Mix .

SIMPLE PRESENT • EXAMPLES: • They study for the english test .

SIMPLE PRESENT • He doesn’t like fruits .

SIMPLE PRESENT • Does she work in the hospital? .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS • English • Spanish I am talking Estoy hablando You are talking Estás/Están/Estáis hablando She is talking Está hablando (ella) He is talking Está hablando (él) It is talking Está hablando (eso. esto) Estamos hablando We are talking Están hablando They are talking .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS Is formed with the following structure: Affirmative form Subject + verb to be + verb + ing + complement .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS Negative form: Subject + verb to be + not + verb + ing + complement .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS Interrogative form Verb to be + Subject + verb + ing + complement .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS • EXAMPLES • We are doing our homework .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS • Is he listening to music? .

PRESENT CONTINUOUS • They are not eating tacos .

EXERCISES • Complete the sentences and say if they are simple present or continuous present • He ___ working at the bank • ___ you study in the unacar? • Is ___ studying for the english test? • We ____ in the UTCAM • Are ___ in your house in this moment? .

EXERCISES • Put “s” or “ing” when necessary • They make_ their homework • We are do__ the breakfast • She live__ with her parents • You are com___ back home • He love__ her .

Thank you very much for your attention 7u7 APLAUDAN PARA QUE NOS PONGAN 10 :’V .