Amey Sankhe Section A- 46

Home Stop , INORBIT MALL , Vashi

Profile of Home Stop
Home Stop is co-parent company of Shoppers Stop. Which deal with the Home Decor products. It has wide range of home product which are generally available on reasonable price 

Promoted By The K Raheja Corp Group, one of leading players in real estate development and hotels. Shoppers Stop Operates Under The Departmental Store Format, And Was One Of The Pioneers Of The Large Format Stores In India. Progressed From Being A Single Brand Shop To A Family Orientated Fashion And Lifestyle Store. Created A New Business Unit To Manage Its Specialty Businesses Like Crossword, Mother care, Home Stop, F&B Business And MAC

Products Available in Home Stop ?
Home Stop houses some of the most reputed national and international brands under one roof. Products High end crockery Premium steel utensils Feather pillows and fine bedding Bed linen and furnishing Home appliances Bathroom linen Company·s Corelle, Germany Magpie and Artinox, Euroup Paradies, Germany, Ivy, Fern, Portico, Maspar, Bombay Dyeing Phillips and Morphy Richards, Welspun.

Objective of setting up Business ?
Target maximum customer around the area Offer Reasonable Price Achieve its maximum Sales Be the No.1 Homer Decor Shop in New Mumbai Work consistently good in Home Décor market Outdoor Advertising

My Role In The Home Stop ?
Knowing the store, Conducting a pilot studyKnowing the store before joining it, to understand the location , the size of the shop, the range of customer come to visit shop and How often they come to visit shop, customer spending habit

Objectives of the Project discussed & action plan madeThe catchment analysis project to be discuss with the manager of the Home Stop, the plans to be executed while making questionnaire and how it is to be done, the time line etc. cont«

Started with field workThe field work to be conducted with opinion of HOD and manager. The time line of finishing Survey by asking questions to customer , who come into shop. This help to understand the needs of the customer Tele Calling to be done after field work ² After field work, the next step would be Tele-calling, to make customer aware of new arrivals, special discounts on festivals like Diwali cntd«

Face to face Interaction ² After the Tele- calling done , the next step would be direct interaction with walk in customer. Recommend them products which suite their need and spending habit.


Field Work Configuration
Age wise

Total Respondents : -Male : -Female:

250 79 (31.5%) 171 (68.5%)
21% 25%





The above chart is created on general assumption while conducting survey. The data is correct Sample Questionnaire can be shown on request

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