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Discussion Text


A. . Discussion is commonly found in philosophical. This problem will be discussed from different viewpoints. and social text.D escription Discussion is a text which present a problematic discourse. historic.

B.purpose To present information and opinions about issues in more one side of an issue (‘For/Pros’ and ‘Against/Cons’) .

C.G eneric Structure • Statement of issue • List of supporting points • List of contrastive point • Recommendation .

D . contrastive.Language Features • Introducing category or generic participant • Using thinking verb • Using additive. and causal connection • Using modalities • Using adverbial of manner • Using conjuction .

Some of them believe that nuclear power supply is dangerous. It cause no pollution as we would get when burning fossil fuels.exam ple The Advantage and Disadvantage of Nuclear Power (Issue) Nuclear power is a kind power supply that is generated by using uranium which is a metal mined in various part of the world. (Supporting Points) Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world's energy needed. Nuclear power becomes the answer to produce clean and efficient energy that will make this world better. However. not all people agree with that. . and produces huge amounts of energy. The advantages of nuclear plant are as follow: It does not produce smoke or carbon dioxide. Pro-contra of building nuclear power supply becomes a major topic to discuss among society. so it does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. It produces huge amounts of energy from small amount of uranium.

If the nuclear power supply is leak off or blow up. nuclear power is very. a lot of money has to be spent on safety because if it does go wrong. although it is reliable. Nuclear radiation is deadly which can make people physically defect. the radiation can bring harm to any living being surrounding. It must be sealed up and buried for many years to allow the radioactivity to die away. .(Contrasting Points) On the other hand. Government should make careful constructions and good maintains to make nuclear power save. nuclear power is the best answer to fulfill our needs of clean and efficient energy which is sustainable in the future. However. a nuclear accident ca be a major accident. very dangerous. Furthermore. nuclear power is also dangerous if it is not built properly. (Conclusion or Recommendation) Nuclear power is a better alternative energy supply to replace fossil fuels energy supply. In conclusion.

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