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What is

Thin Film Deposition?
Ms. Crystal J. Woods
Emmett J. Conrad STEM Academy High School
Dallas, TX

Dr. Haiyan Wang, Assistant
Professor, Electrical and
Computer Engineering
 Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, 2002
 M.S., Institute of Metal Research, Shenyang, China, 1999
 B.S., Nanchang University, Nanchang, China, 1998
Previous Appointments
 Jan.05-Dec.05 - Technical Staff Member, Los Alamos National Laboratory
 Jan.03-Dec.04 - Director Funded Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Research Interests
 Nanostructured nitride and oxide thin film heterostructures for microelectronics, optoelectronics,
magnetic, high temperature superconductors, solid oxide fuel cells, radiation tolerance and
structural applications;
 High temperature superconductors: coated superconductor scale-up and architectures; flux-pinning
mechanisms of nanoparticles and defects
 Microstructural characterizations with transmission electron microscopy (TEM), high resolution TEM,
Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) and XRD.
 8 patents in the areas of thin film architecture and high temperature superconductors
 Selected journal publications (105 journal articles and 70 conference proceedings and
presentations by January 2008)
 H. Wang, R. Araujo J.G. Swadener, Yongqiang Wang, X. Zhang, E. G. Fu and T. Cagin Ion
Irradiation Effects in Nanocrystalline TiN Coatings, Nuclear Instruments

Woods.E 3 Research Topic: Thin Film Deposition (Growth) w/ Dr. Wang  Dr. Emmett J. Algebra Teacher. Physics Teacher. Haiyan Wang. Assistant Professor. Del Rio High School  Crystal J. TAMU  David Mortimer. Conrad STEM Academy High School . Electrical and Computer Engineering.

etc. chemical factories.  Corrosion resistive coatings and superhard coatings (petroleum industry. insulation.  “Sunscreen” : a protective coating on your skin. memories. golden watches and many others. iPod. etc. etc. reflection.).Use of Thin Film Deposition  Thin Film Growth or Deposition: It is a thin layer of coating on a substrate or template. It serves one or multiple physical purposes including protection.). conducting. data storage.  Examples: Colorful coatings on cars. decoration.  Semiconductor industry (Pentium processors. microchips. .

 The following Parameters will result in a desired epitaxial layer (organized.  Pressure affects the momentum of the molecules.  The energy of the molecules impacts how the molecules find their way to the target. carefully placed. so they can form layers. high quality layer of thin film): Temperature Pressure Laser Energy Laser Frequency Type of material (Metals) Type of Substrate (Base layer: Metal or Ceramic) . Thin Film: How does it grow? Kinetic Energy of molecules impact the growth of Thin Film.

Understanding Thin Film Growth  Dr.  No traffic jams. “no rush hour” free flowing traffic. High Quality Growth: •Ordered foundation •Same size •Same pattern •Right time •Right condition . Wang explains thin film growth as “laying of apples”  A high quality thin film growth must be layered in an organized pattern. Molecules must be laid on the target in non-disruptive pattern.

This results in the growth layer. .Understanding Thin Film Growth  Atoms must be able to move around on the substrate until they find the right spot.

Understanding Thin Film Growth  Congruency is a key component of thin film growth.  Similar shapes and/or congruent shapes prevents gaps or defects in growth layers. .

Deposition: What takes place inside Chamber? .

Deposition: What takes place inside Chamber? .

Ph.Summer Research: My Exposure of Thin Film Joon Hwan Lee. Candidate Research: Transmittance of Light within Thin Film Tools: Spectrophometer. measures transparency of material using wavelengths. Wavelengths are used to determine absorption of life.D. Focus: Compare/Contrast Transmittance when Parameters have been altered .

Ph.D. . Candidate Research: High Temperature Superconductor Tools: Transmission Electron Microscopy. JEOL JEM-2010 (TEM) Focus: Compare/Contrast Attachment Layer of Growth when temperature has been changed .Summer Research: My Exposure of Thin Film Jie (Joyce) Wang. The key is to find nice layers of growth.

Ph.Summer Research: My Exposure of Thin Film Zhenxing Bi. Goal to create high quality vertical patterns. . Candidate Research: Growth of Vertical Patterns of Thin Film Tools: Transmission Electron Microscopy.D. JEOL JEM-2010 (TEM) Focus: Compare/Contrast Thickness and/or Mircostructural Changes when Parameters have been changed.

 Continue exploring results when different parameters of the thin film process have been changed. .My experience of Thin Film Research  Designing a high quality thin film growth that demonstrates an organized pattern of the same and/or similar shape with various parameters.

Ms. Woods @ TAMU’s E3 Summer E3 Summer Research Research Program Program High Quality Education .

Thin Film vs. Algebra Patterns producing: High Quality thin film growth Equations Linear Functions Ordered foundation Same size Exponential Functions Same pattern Right time Scatter Plots Right condition Quadratic Functions Factoring .

Examples of Patterns in Algebra The powers of 11 also form a sequence: 110 = 1 111 = 11 112 = 121 113 = 1331 114 = 14641 115 = 161051 116 = 1771561 117 = 19487171 .

Examples of Patterns in Algebra .

Using Patterns of Tiles with Quadratic Functions and Factoring .

Data Used to create Functions Exponential Linear Functions Functions .

D.D.D Candidate Dr. Ph. National Science Roy Araujo. Wang. Ph.Kudos! to my wonderful Thin Film Research Team Big Thanks to the Ick-Chan Kim. MS MS Candidate Candidate Jie (Joyce) Zhenxing Bi. Candidate Foundation! Candidate Candidate Joon Hwan Harrison Tsai. Lee.D. Ph. Haiyan Wang .D.D. Ph. Sungmee Cho. Ph. Jongsik Yoon. Candidate Candidate Ph.