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Global warming

Earth’s surface would be colder than it is today. making the planet freezing and devoid off life. Global warming is not new as this process occurs naturally and keeps the Earth’s temperature about 50 degrees.INTRODUCTION :- From The Stone Age to the modern era man has come a long way. In his pursuit of comforts of life he ignored the threat of pollution and environmental degradation caused by industrialization. Fahrenheit warmer than it would be otherwise.. . Without this natural cover.1.

2. carbon dioxide. .Gas in the atmosphere. CFCs and nitrous oxide. such a water.What is GREENHOUSE EFFECT ? . . methane.These gases are called ‘ greenhouse gases’ and they have a critical role in determining the temperature of the Earth’s surface and the living conditions on the planet. radiating it back towards the planet’s surface. absorb infrared light and would otherwise escape to space.This natural process is called the “greenhouse effect”. .

Serve Changes in Weather : Rise in temperature was marked by unusually severe weather in many parts of the world. IV: Ozone Getting Depleted :-  Pollution from transport is the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions since the industrial . III: Erratic Rain :-  People around the world will experience climate changes and the erratic rainfall China to Africa will jeopardize the lives of many people. II: Impact on Arctic Ecosystem :- The ecosystem which sustains the livelihood of Arctic residents is melting the ice as temperature rise.3.Effect on Global Warming ? i.

. it release toxic gases in the atmosphere which result in global warming. When the waste is burnt. save money and reduce your carbon footprint.Reduce Waste: Landfills are the major contributor of methane and other greenhouse gases.Reduction Of Global Warming Energy-efficient products can help you to save energy. 6.

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