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De Guzman, Abegail Eunice
Estrevencion, Joyce

that is used to govern a society and to control the behaviour of its members. judicial opinions. . generally found in constitutions. and the like. legislation.WHAT IS LAW? It is possible to describe law as the body of official rules and regulations. so Law is a formal mechanism of social control.

. MAINSTREAM DEFINITIONS OF LAW Numerous definitions of law have been put forward over the centuries.

recognized. ordinance. resolution." .MAINSTREAM DEFINITIONS ■ The Third New ■ "Law is a binding custom or practice International of a community; a rule or mode of conduct or action that is prescribed Dictionary from or formally recognized as binding by MerriamWebster a supreme controlling authority or is defines law as: made obligatory by a sanction (as an edict. statute. or enforced by the controlling authority. judicial decision. order. or usage) made. rescript. rule. decree.

At the same Scribner's in 1973 time. and published by complex mode of regulating human conduct.MAINSTREAM DEFINITIONS ■ The Dictionary of the ■ "A legal system is the most History of Ideas explicit." . for social and moral rules of a less institutionalized kind are also of great importance. institutionalized. it plays only one part in defined the concept the congeries of rules which of law accordingly as: influence behavior.

MAINSTREAM DEFINITIONS ■Definition of law Glanville Williams ■ "Law is the cement of “Learning the society and also an essential law” medium of change. Knowledge of law increases one’s understanding of public affairs.” .


ENGINEERING LAW ■ Engineering law (or law in engineering) is the empirical study of the application of laws and legal strategy in engineering. .