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Integrating and Implementing Technology

Ryan P. Flinn

November 24, 2009

Design developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that apply
echnology-enhanced instructional strategies to support the diverse needs of learners.

Plan strategies to manage student learning in a technology-enhanced environment.

Facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that address content standards and

student technology standards.
Use technology resources to collect and analyze data, interpret results,
and communicate findings to improve instructional practice and maximize
student learning.
Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity,
and promote creativity.

Students develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support

lifelong learning, collaboration, personal pursuits, and productivity.
Standards (Continued)
Ohios Standards
Hear and say the separate phonemes in words, such as identifying the
initial consonant sound in a word, and blend phonemes to say words.

Read one-syllable and often-heard words by sight.

Reread stories independently or as a group, modeling patterns of changes in timing,

voice and expression.
Understand new words from the context of conversations or from the use of
pictures within a text.

Predict what will happen next, using pictures and content as a guide.

Answer literal questions to demonstrate comprehension of orally

read grade-appropriate texts

Use pictures and illustrations to aid comprehension.

Recognize predictable patterns in stories.

Special Features
Able to create assignments for each individual student.

Able to see student reports and have them e-mailed to you.

Raz Rocket motivates students to want to read!!

Wide variety of books to choose from. Bookroom has

many resources.
The student can hear the book, read the book,
and take a quiz following each book.
Grade Level Correlation
A classroom license is $79.95 for 36 students.
Discount rates for multiple licenses.
What Worked
My students are excited to read books!

Most students are reading books at home.

My ELL students are hearing books in English.

I started off with this being more for at home use.

Now I am using it about twice a week during centers.

I dont use passwords so the students can easily log off

And the next student is ready to go!

I am collecting data now to see if Raz-Kids increases my

Students reading levels.

Eliminates having a Listening Center

I might have started using it before the students had
enough reading strategies.
Some students rush through the books to upgrade their
Raz-Kids moves them to the next level even if I did not
assign the next level to them.
My students have a hard time with taking quizzes. I had
to teach how to navigate the quiz portion of Raz-Kids
Making enough time for the students to use Raz-
I am still not sure if Raz-Kids helps improve my students
reading levels. I still have to do guided reading.
Why my Kindergarten Students
!think Raz-Kids is AWESOME

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