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Jill Hughes
Oracle Business Intelligence

Demystifying “Oracle BI”

Some Terms
 OBI EE: Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
• This is the “strategic” BI Platform for Oracle that was inherited from the
Siebel acquisition.
 OBI SE: Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition
• This is the new packaging of Oracle Discoverer & other legacy Oracle
BI technologies.
 Pre-Packaged Oracle BI Applications
• BI application solutions for EBS, PSFT, JDE, SEBL, and SAP, that
generally include pre-built ETL, DW, Metrics, Reports & Dashboards.
• These solutions are:
• DBI: Daily Business Intelligence
• EPM: Enterprise Performance Management BI Applications
­ Packaged, subject-specific warehouses and data marts
• OBI Applications: Business Intelligence Applications (from Siebel)

etc) Supply Chain DBI Financial Warehouse Financials DBI HCM Warehouse SCM Warehouse HCM DBI… BI Platform DBI Apps EPM BI Apps Data Sources EBS JDE Other PSFT Oracle DBI PeopleSoft EPM . Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Pre-Siebel Acquisition – Oracle Offerings DBI UI (Performance 3rd-Party User (Business Management Interface Viewer) Objects. Cognos.

Alerts) Interface Supply Chain Analytics Workforce Analytics… Financial Analytics BI Platform SBA Apps Data JDE Other Sources EBS SAP PSFT SEBL Siebel Business Analytics . Answers. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Pre-Siebel Acquisition – Siebel Offerings SBA UI User (Dashboards.

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Oracle Offerings Today DBI UI OBI EE (Performance 3rd-Party UI (Dashboards. etc) Siebel SBA Supply Chain Analytics Workforce Analytics… Renamed to: Financial Analytics Supply Chain DBI Financial Warehouse Oracle Business SCM Warehouse… Financials DBI HCM Warehouse HCM DBI… Intelligence Enterprise Edition BI (OBI EE) Platform DBI Apps EPM BI Apps SBA Apps Data JDE Other Sources EBS JDE Other EBS SAP PSFT PSFT SEBL Oracle DBI PeopleSoft EPM Siebel Business Analytics . Alerts) Interface Viewer) Objects. Cognos. User (Business Management Answers.

Alerts) Answers. (Dashboards. Alerts) Interface Supply Chain Analytics Workforce Analytics… Financial Warehouse SCM Warehouse … Financial Analytics Supply Chain DBI HCM Warehouse Financials DBI “OBI EE” as HCM DBI… the new UI BI CY2006 Platform Delivery DBI Apps EPM BI Apps SBA Apps Data JDE Other Sources EBS JDE Other EBS SAP PSFT PSFT SEBL Oracle DBI PeopleSoft EPM Siebel Business Analytics . Cognos. (Dashboards. Viewer) Objects. Alerts) etc) Answers. Answers. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications ‘Better Together’ Offerings – By End FY2007 DBI UI 3rd-Party (Performance OBI EE Management (Business OBI EE OBI EE User (Dashboards.

BI sells both • Truth: We sell what best fits the customer’s needs.  Myth: Oracle’s EPM/DBI strategy is going away • Truth: OBI EE is the Business Intelligence platform on which the pre-built Siebel BI Applications are built. ASMs sell OBI Applications.  Myth: TSMs sell OBI EE. whether it’s EPM.  Myth: Oracle is going to buy Business Objects (or some other BI vendor…) • Truth: Who knows? A BOBJ (or other) purchase will always be on the radar. or SBA. DBI.  Myth: The Siebel BI Applications are for Siebel CRM only • Truth: These applications are ready to go today for Oracle EBS. • Message to TSM’s: Would you rather get 100% of a 200K deal. Pre-built BI Apps are a major differentiator. This gives us the ability to offer our customers the “BI application” solution that best meets their needs. and OBI EE is also the new Business Intelligence platform for EPM & DBI. Application deals are 3-4x larger than pure Technology deals. OBI Myths  Myth: Oracle’s BI Technology Strategy is still being debated • Truth: OBI EE technology is the centerpiece of Oracle’s BI Strategy. . PeopleSoft. with JDE coming this fiscal year. But such a purchase has nothing to do with product strategy – OBI EE is the strategic technology choice. or 50% of a 800K deal (our average sales prices over the past 5 years). and SAP.

The Market Situation .

.Let’s start with a simple proposition Everyone in your company can do their jobs better if they made decisions and took actions based on actual information rather than “best guess” or “how we did it last year” Sounds simple. but….

BI Challenges Today …not easy to achieve! • Fragmented • In-consistent • Report-centric • Restricted • Non-Intuitive Hasn’t the promise of BI been there for the past decade? .

7 $2 $3.8 $4.6 B B $6 $4.6 $6. The Business Intelligence Marketplace $12 $11.5B $5.1B $8 $5.1 B BI Applications $4.6B $10 $8.8B B $8.3B $9.7 B B B $4 B BI Tools B $4.5 $4.0 B B B B B Source: IDC.1B B Market Size $10.2 $4.9 $4.1 $3.2 B $7. 2004 B B 0 200 200 2005 2006 2007 2008 3 4 E E E E 100 98 Million 80% Estimated Current % User Penetration BI 70% 80 User Potential Tools 60% 60 59 Million 50% SCM 40% 40 66% CRM BI 30% 51% 20 Apps 20% 33% 30% ERP 10% 10% 0 0 2010 Seat Estimates ERP SCM CRM BI BI Tools Apps .

Sep 2005 . but also to allow for business process optimization.Insight-Driven Business Processes “Business intelligence (BI) is moving into the context of the business process. not just to make users’ information experience more effective.” Software Macro-Trends: Reshaping Enterprise Software .

in Commercial for FY06: • ~18M in total revenue for CPM/EPM • Avg deal size ~$64K • 3rd Largest EPM Deal in Q4: 700K for EPM/Scorecard • And yet $1. Oracle History in the Market  80-85% of COGN.  SAP sells SAP/BW with every deal – it looks and feels like a clean. BOBJ & HYSL’s revenue come from selling their “Tools” on top of an Oracle DW.4M went to BOBJ for the BI piece  Oracle dominates in the DW market share.  At Oracle. integrated story (even if it’s not true). but is largely not visible in the BI tools market…not yet at least. .

Siebel bought nQuire Software – 55 employees. not much revenue.  There are now over 800 SBA (OBI EE) customers • 20% ONLY use the BI Technology (OBI EE ONLY) • 5% ONLY use restricted “application-only” version of OBI EE • 75% use BOTH the pre-packaged BI applications and the BI Technology for custom-built BI applications on existing data warehouses & other sources . Siebel Business Analytics History  In November 2001.  In FY2005. revolutionary BI Platform that is now OBI EE. 27% of Siebel’s Revenue came from Siebel Business Analytics – both technology & applications.

1% 40 6 SPSS 3. and Marketing 110 Rank Vendor % Share 100 1 Siebel Systems 15.1% 0 2003 2004 10 NCR Teradata 1. Siebel Business Analytics History Market Leader in Analytic Applications Fastest Growing in BI Market for Sales.5% 20 8 Business Objects 3.4% 90 2 SAS Institute 12.8% 60 50 5 SAP AG 4.0% 70 4 Epiphany 5. $ Millions) Sources: IDC Vendor Rankings. Worldwide Customer Analytics Applications (2003).7% 80 3 NetIQ 6.S. July 2004 2005 Revenue $120. Service.9% Siebel BI License Rev (U.1% 10 9 Coremetrics 2.3M .6% 30 7 Fair Isaac 3.

” . the best front end to a Teradata data warehouse. including some advanced analysis and data-mining functionality and packaged industry-specific analytical applications. Siebel's BI platform is application source independent and is.Oracle & Siebel in the BI “Tools” Marketplace GARTNER COMMENTS ON THE SBA BI Platform  “Unlike other mega software vendors.”  “Siebel Business Analytics is one of the more innovative and comprehensive sets of functionality BI Platform acquired from nQuire Software in Nov 2001 among the BI platform vendors. arguably.

Siebel Business Analytics History Aerospace & Defense 5 of the top 6 Commercial Banks 4 of the top 5 Pharmaceutical 8 of the top 9 Computer Office Equip 6 of the top 9 Diversified Financials 3 of the top 4 Railroad 3 of the top 4 Medical Products & Equip 3 of the top 6 Telecommunications 5 of the top 6 Securities 3 of the top 6 Network & Comms Equip 2 of the top 4 Life & Health Insurance 3 of the top 5 .

Siebel.  Expose SAP’s “black box” BI Applications story  The way we do it is by selling packaged BI Applications. for PeopleSoft. So. built on the new Oracle BI Platform (SBA). the Opportunity for Us  Get in front of Cognos. Business Objects & Hyperion opportunities  Become #1 in the Business Intelligence marketplace in the next 18 months. & JDE customers. . EBS.

Oracle BI Solutions .

& compensation affect productivity & cross-selling? What impact does supplier performance have on customer satisfaction and revenue consistency? How do my campaigns impact call-handle time & cost to serve? . BI Applications are Almost Always Heterogeneous HR / Workforce Customers Suppliers Procurement Distribution Operations Marketing Finance Service Sales Customers Suppliers Customers Suppliers In a Call Center. how does agent tenure. training.

fully-integrated Data Mart Systems Sources modern web architecture . & assured business value PreBuilt Enterprise Business Model Oracle Enterprise Business Oracle Enterprise Business Intelligence Platform Intelligence Platform (EE) • Next-generation. scalable Enterprise Data enterprise BI platform Warehouse (EPM and/or SBA) • Relevant and actionable insight ETL & Business for all users Adapters • Complete. Oracle BI Tools & Packaged BI Applications Front Line Senior Partners Managers Oracle Business Intelligence Employees Executives Applications • Comprehensive suite of prebuilt Sales Service Marketing Supply Finance Workforce analytic applications Chain Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics • For Siebel. and other sources • Based on industry and analytic best practices Interactive Proactive Ad-Hoc Intelligent Mobile Predictive Dashboards Detection Analytics Customer Analytics Analytics • Enable rapid deployment. SAP. PeopleSoft. low & Alerts Interaction TCO. real-time intelligence Sales & Mktg Fin/HR Service SCM IVR Web Help Desk across enterprise sources Existing Data Operational Systems Customer Interaction Warehouse & • One common. Analytics Oracle.

Benefit from BI Applications while maintaining single BI architecture Build from Scratch with Traditional BI Tools BI Applications Training & Roll-out Define Metrics  Faster deployment & Dashboards  Lower TCO  Assured business value DW Design Training & Rollout Role-based dashboards and alerts Back-end ETL and Specific Metrics Thousands of pre-defined metrics & Dashboards Mapping Prebuilt DW design DW Design Mod Adaptable to your enterprise DW Pre-built ETL Tailoring Prebuilt ETL Business Adapters for Oracle. others Quarters or Years Weeks or months . SAP.

Sales.It is a product that really delivers. .. Help Desk and Marketing Analytics “ (MSFT. 9000+ users Finance. SEBL) Having had experience of Siebel Business Analytics.Leverage Prebuilt Oracle BI Applications Proven Rapid Time To Value Deployed to 800 users in under 90 days Finance.. Service & Sales Analytics (SAP/SEBL) Live in 120 days Sales Analytics (SEBL) Deployed to 100+ users in 3 months Finance Analytics (Oracle EBS) 4 months from decision to live for 1200 users Pharma Analytics (SEBL) Live in 100 days. I can vouch that it can be deployed as rapidly as they claim.

Dedicated Sales Force for NA Adam Driver Susan Cook SC Director GVP Sales N. 2 Strategy/Comp Intell 44 BI Sales Consultants . America BI N. 3 Channels. America BI David Novak Duane Cologne Channels John Duda Scott Hilner ROI Sales VP Sales VP Oracle Direct SC Manager SC Manager Enablement Commercial NASA & PS Sales Strategy Commercial BI NASA & PS ERP/CRM/Tech ERP/CRM/Tech 47 BI Sales Reps. 15 OD.

All rights reserved. your value prop just integration when Oracle is the DW. Easy upgrades are just part of the equation. OBI Apps are clearly the lowest TCO large investments in the BI/DW upgrade option. about doubled. Where’s the Gold: Scenario 1 Oracle Apps. Copyright ©2006. Oracle. may need to make • This is painful. Incumbent BI Characteristics Oracle Apps Customer Custom Data Warehouse Some other BI tool on top Likely Issues Solution • Poor user adoption of operational applications • Integrated OBI apps drive adoption of EBS because and incumbent BI tools (which are separate UI’s) the users get informational value from using EBS • Not getting answers to key business questions. • Don’t forget about the power of the tech stack • If it’s an Oracle tech stack. Oracle & [customer] Confidential . • OBI Apps likely deliver these answers and make it not exploiting the information in EBS much easier to answer new questions • Looking to upgrade the 3rd party BI tool = $$$ • It will likely cost the same or less to move to a more license costs and it’s a re-deployment complete total solution with the OBI Apps • Looking to upgrade EBS. Custom DW.

Oracle. leveraging these investments and allowing the toughest questions to get answered. reporting with little to no flexibility. • May have independent data marts that don’t • OBI EE can “glue together” these independent data allow cross-functional questions to be answered. increasing the value of the information issues with EBS. No DW Characteristics Oracle Apps Customer NO Data Warehouse Operational Reporting Tools Only Likely Issues Solution • Do not have a true BI platform. operational • OBI Apps require OBI EE. • Want a real Enterprise Data Warehouse but can’t • OBI Apps include Enterprise Data Warehouse afford to build it. delivered to the end user will drive adoption of the operational application. Copyright ©2006. Oracle & [customer] Confidential . • Have user adoption and potentially data quality • Naturally. static advanced BI platform on the market. cost a fraction of the build approach. marts. All rights reserved. arguably the most reporting tools only allow for stop-gap. or don’t have the schemas that often implement in 90-120 days and time/knowledge/resources. Where’s the Gold: Scenario 2 Oracle Apps.

Oracle & [customer] Confidential . to employees on the front-line.Heavy Competition from SAP Characteristics Oracle Apps *Prospect* Heavy Competition from SAP Likely Issues Solution • Probably believe SAP’s approach is more • We need to turn the tide on this perspective – SAP’s scalable and more robust than Oracle’s approach. information for financials. • Probably believe SAP BI solution is more • The fact is. Where’s The Gold: Scenario 3 New Prospect . Furthermore. due to the strength of the OBI EE platform. but leaves all other employees wanting more. it’s not cost effective except for a small number of users. and is good for executives. Oracle. you can be sure they are and are more robust than any others on the market looking at alternate BI vendors (not us). It provides solid They are very good at positioning this. BI solution will simply NOT work in any environment other than SAP. • If they are already an SAP shop. but understand • Oracle BI Applications are pre-packaged for SAP the limitations of BW. SAP BW is very limited in it’s usefulness seamlessly integrated into their ERP applications. Copyright ©2006. All rights reserved.

Applications. approach is a 5:1 ratio. Copyright ©2006. All rights reserved. SEBL Analytics. Where’s The Gold: Scenario 4 SEBL CRM. Oracle. ORCL Apps Characteristics SEBL CRM SEBL Analytics (OBI EE) ORCL Apps Likely Issues Solution • Are leveraging the power of an integrated CRM • Easily extend their Siebel Analytics deployment by and BI solution with the Siebel deployment but including the pre-packaged Oracle BI Applications for have not yet realized those benefits with Oracle ERP – we can’t lose on the economics here. Oracle & [customer] Confidential . • Are likely custom building data marts or data • We need to find these immediately and convince warehouse for their Oracle Applications and them that the time-to-value on the build vs buy planning on using another BI technology with it.

Where’s The Gold: Scenario 5 Oracle DW. It is also “arguably the best front end to a Teradata DW (Gartner)”. BPEL. They are “report-centric” architectures.) across multiple data sources. Oracle. etc. not an upgrade. All rights reserved. poor performance. • Can’t answer questions across different data • OBI EE is the technology leader in the ability to join sources (Oracle. upgrades well. Teradata. Oracle & [customer] Confidential . SQL. Incumbent BI Characteristics Oracle DW Customer Oracle Technology Shop Incumbent BI Technology on Top Likely Issues Solution • Have a maintenance nightmare w/ existing BI • These solutions do NOT manage change or technologies because of too many moving parts. Portal. Example: moving from BOBJ 6x to XI is a redeployment. • Can’t integrate BI tools with operational systems • OBI EE is 100% SOA and can be seamlessly integrated into existing UI’s and business processes. Oracle Tech Shop. Copyright ©2006. more scalable interface b/w BI • Simple question: which BI platform is more tightly tools and Oracle DW integrated with an Oracle DW – Oracle BI EE or anyone else? Same goes for the rest of the technology stack: Identity Mgmt. • Want a tighter. un-integrated technologies. etc.