Shaping Organization Culture
Presented By:
Abhijoy Mustaufi (B16063)
Akshat Sharma (B16066)
BMB Group 10 Nikhil Shirke (B16090)
Rikesh Bhattacharyya (B16099)
V. Srihari (B16114)

2 “ A pattern of shared basic assumptions learned by a group as it solved its problems of external adaptation and internal integration (…) A product of joint learning. — Edgar Henry Schein .

Three levers to influence social control systems 3 Managers need to be clear about the specific norms and values that will help the organization execute its strategy Systems of Management Systems of Involvement behavior reward and recognition Help in Will help in conveying vivid Will lead developing messages employees to those attitudes about what feel responsible and behaviours attitudes and critical for behaviours are success important .

Shaping Culture through Participation and 4 Commitment Choice Visibility Irrevocability Makes it difficult to Increased Attention is not diverted excuse feelings of on alternate choices personal responsibility non-performance Possibly enhances one to do Ensures energy is focused on the chosen course what one has positive feeling .

By ensuring people are publicly committing to achieving certain goals it creates a higher level of dedication and focus on the achievement of those goals .Commitment Through Choice 5 Example of Mary Kay Sales Directors take a sacred oath in front of an auditorium filled with their peers.

Commitment Through Visibility 6 Example of Cooper Tires Use of strenuous hiring process designed to give the applicant a sense of achievement on being selected and ensure a longer term commitment to the organisation .

.Commitment Through Irrevocability 7 Example of Bell System Before official launch of unregulated subsidiary. Anyone who did return were irrevocably committing themselves to the job. participants were told that those who felt risks were too great should not return after lunch and that they would be found jobs back on the regulated side of the business.

Shaping culture through symbolic action 8 Indicating what is important through the words and actions of managers Managers as signal generators Designing systems to reinforce Providing clear vision for goals intrinsic value of the work Minimizing Consistency and credibility contradictory in communication interpretations Exampl e: .

Managing language and symbolic action 9 Consistency and repetition in signaling through visible actions of the leaders Application of language: Application of symbolic actions: Use of Kinship terms Consistent actions of the top management Effective when used in conjunction Symbolic actions convey a graphic with consistent policies and sense that leadership’s concern are managerial actions genuine .

 Money is usually not the ideal motivator as it is not a differentiating factor. Levi Strauss :.Biotech company which let each other as a sign of appreciation. Recognition is a gift”  In the long run. Shaping Culture through Rewards and 10 Recognition “Compensation is a right. rewards at unexpected times are Recognition doesn’t triggers for good performance. personal awards such as Golden Step Award.  Align reward system with strategic goals! Team of the Year Think Comprehensively about Rewards Emphasize Intrinsic Rewards Understand what is valued by subordinates 3M :. Outcomes and Reward policy Avoid Routine Recognition and more frequent Creativity is the key to success. rewards shape behaviour.Employees gift coupons to Genentech :. necessarily have to be a lavish Rewards and sometimes penalties can be vacation or an expensive gift. Pathfinder attention and symbolic rewards Award. appreciation is better! . used to shape efficiency and better A personalized letter of outcomes.Technology firm which emphasizes on Giving credit for job well done. researchers publish their paper autonomously.

Comprehensive System for 11 Social Control Action Feedback Reward Rigorous Selection System Emphasis on core values and clear expectations of appropriate attitudes and behaviors.  . Organizational fit is utmost for development. Intensive period of Socialization Personalized orientation program which focuses on valuing norms and beliefs while providing opportunities for development through trainings. Even failure should be rewarded! Intuit hosts a company-wide award ceremony at which the “Failure Award” is bestowed on a team whose unsuccessful idea resulted in valuable learning. Comprehensive Rewards and Recognition Provide a continuous assessment system involving feedback and continuous update on policies and reward structure.

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