Functions and
Mr Abdul Aziz bin Abas

School Functions Manifest functions Latent functions .

norms and arithmetics) values. Manifest Functions Socialization .Obtain new Culturisation knowledge Learn cultural ( reading.

Latent functions: Unintended consequences of activities in an institution Match-makers As a day care ( students centre make out relationship) .

socio- Contextual cultural. Support from the system Decentralization Parent & community Leadership. facilities & School materials. Effectiveness Internal factors Class room teaching and learning process Political. features economical .

Organization Goal Resource-input model -learning Model model Satisf Total Quality Process Model action Management Model model Legiti macy Ineffectiveness Model Model .

. Focus on achievement of an organisation Goals are set by Goal Model decision makers Clearly defines and understood by participants. Use comprehensive set of goals and objective.

facilities. model The quality of student intake. resources. and financial support obtained from the central education authority or any other sources and outside agents .Resource means needed for the achievement of specific – input ends.

Process Model School process- management process Effectiveness must be viewed as a good process A school is effective its internal function with problem Limitation: difficult to monitor process and gather valueble data .

rces The basic criterion is the satisfaction of these demand. High dema A school is effective is if nd>lo all of its constituencies w are at least resou minimally satisfied. . consti tuenc ies Satisfaction Mode involv ed in schoo ls.

Legitimacy Model School are effective if they can survive competitive enviroment School effectiveness related to school’s public relation. . its public image.

School is effective if theres no ineffective present.Easier to develop pursuingg high perfomance strategies of improvement. Ineffective model . - . Not sufficient for schools .

Awareness of community needs & changes. Organisational Learning Model Indicators for Limitatons effectiveness Relationship between organisational Learn how to make improvements in learning process and learning outcome. response to external changes. monitoring internal process .

Able to satisfy needs of the school internal and external constituencies. Total Quality Management Mode School is effective if it can involve and empower all its member in school. . All the need of the constituencies are well matched and the required resources are available for the management of all process in school.