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First Days of School

Classroom Expectations

 seating will be given at the beginning of class on first day, and
students are asked to stay in those seats
Students can use the hall pass to get a drink or use the bathroom but not until

15 minutes after the period started (also not 15 minutes before period ends)
If a student has a question they can put up their hand at their seat (no crowding

around teacher)
If a student needs supplies they will be directed/told where they are located in

the first week
Students are expected to hand in assignments on time, late assignments will be

deducted 2% off per day not handed in
If a due date does not work well for a student (or the class) and they talk to me

Late/Absent Policies

 Latestudents are to sign in at office and come in without
disrupting the class
 Students leaving class early need a note or parent to call the
3 unexplained absences (note or parent called) get a call home
 Missedassignments or tests will be caught up on the next day
the student is in class
 Any handouts/assignments missed will be available in a binder
Student Expectations/Behaviour

 Overall respect the teacher, classmates, classroom, the supplies and
any guests in the classroom (including student teachers, or substitute
 Be respectful of other classmates art
 No foul language in the classroom
 If there is a problem or issue students should not hesitate to talk to me
about it and I will do my best to help
 Technology: is allowed in the classroom at appropriate times. If
students are working then it is not a problem if it is a constant
distraction without work being done then it needs to be put away
Cognitive Practices

 Students will be given guidance on each assignment individually to
make sure that they are meeting all expectations (preliminaries)
 Each assignment will focus on For, As, and Of learning for each
 Skills most often used in class are observation skills during demos,
visual skills and kinesthetic skills
 Once students are more comfortable in the class then class
discussions can take place
 Critical thinking skills will be used everyday through art analysis and
art techniques

 Beginning of period everyone is to sit down in their assigned seats
when the bell rings
 All bags should be off the tables
 Grab any work/assignments at beginning of period unless otherwise
 Work to hand in can be handed in at the beginning of the period or
when students are finished to the hand in bin
 Every Friday will be open studio day where students have every Friday
of a month to work on a project that they hand in at the end of every
Learning Goals

 Students get to know each other better by the end of the first
 Teacher gets to know students names and at least one thing
about each of them
 Students will learn the course outline and what the semester
 The first week is more about learning about your students and
where they are at

 The first week is a perfect time to do ice breakers to get to know your
 2 truths and a lie: each student says 2 things about their selves and
one thing that is a lie and other students have to guess which one is
the lie
 This activity helps you to get to know some personal things about your
students that you might not otherwise know
 Another art activity to help to get to know your students is to have
them design a folder/portfolio with their name and add things about
them to it.
 This also helps you to get to know everyone's name the first week