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Poppet valve (inlet and outlet valve)


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In exhaust applications a pressure differential helps to seal the valve and in intake valves a pressure differential helps open it. and a tapered plug.Introduction • valve typically used to control the timing and quantity of gas or vapour flow into an engine. usually a disk shape on the end of a shaft also called a valve stem. . • Poppet valves date from at least the 1770s. usually round or oval. The portion of the hole where the plug meets with it is referred to as the 'seat' or 'valve seat'. The shaft guides the plug portion by sliding through a valve guide. when James Watt used them on his steam engines. • It consists of a hole.



. twin inlet and exhaust valve-and-port layout are also adopted for some high-performance or large capacity engines. In the overhead-cam engine.Vavle Assembly Parts • Both inlet and exhaust ports are shaped to curve upwardsand outwards emerging from one or both sides of the cylinder head • It is normal to have one inlet and one exhaust valve and port per cylinder. • Poppet-valve have different configuration within the engine relative to the cylinder. or through rocker arms. matching the desired combustion chamber contour. • Valve may be positioned vertically or slightly inclined relative to the cylinger axis. either above or to one side of the valve whichimproves valve action at higher engine speeds. the camshaft is monted in the head. However. • The valve is operated directly by means of valve lifters or cam followers.

thus requiring no lubrication • Poppet valves are used in most piston engines to open and close the intake and exhaust ports in the cylinder head. • The valve is usually a flat disk of metal with a long rod known as the 'valve stem' attached to one side.Process • The poppet valve is fundamentally different from slide and oscillating valves instead of sliding or rocking over a seat to uncover a port. • The main advantage of the poppet valve is that it has no movement on the seat. . the poppet valve lifts from the seat with a movement perpendicular to the plane of the port.

and contains the same 6% of aluminium. is Ti-6242. which many of the manufacturers use. 4% of zirconium and 2% of molybdenum.Material of Poppet Valve • Titanium is a popular choice for these components. titanium lends itself to manufacturing processes which mean that its properties can be tailored precisely to its intended application . has very low density and resistant to rust and corrosion • A common titanium valve alloy. along with 2% of tin. (resistant to high temperature) • In addition to its low density and strength. which is more highly alloyed than Ti-6Al-4V.

• titanium cannot be easily cast like aluminum or iron .Disadvantage of Titanium • The material is very expensive.

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