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Louis Braille

His Incredible
Invention For the

Samantha Luu

Early Life Louis Braille was born on January 4. 1809 in Coupvray. France. . His father was a recognized leather maker.

Although he received the best care. Aw l . Early Life cont. Louis was playing with an awl when it slipped and punctured him in the eye. the infection later spread and left him blind in both eyes.

. He sat in the back of the class and listened. He developed great memory this way. He went against all odds and excelled in school. School Life Louis Braille was urged by a priest to go to school.

piano. and the organ. . He excelled in his studies as well as knitting. Life at the Institute Braille received a scholarship to the Royal Institution for Blind Youth at the age of 10.

Life at the Institute cont. Captain Charles Barbier de la Serre invented sonography for military usage and tried to use the system for the blind. Sonography Chart .

Life at the Institute cont. . At age 15. Braille simplified the sonography cell from a 12 celled dot system to a 6 celled Braille Cell dot system. Louis was frustrated with the current reading system and yearned for books.

Braille’s alphabet was often rejected although it was much better and efficient than most available systems at the time. . Later Life Slate and Stylus Braille later served as a teacher at the Institute.

1852 buried in of Tuberculosis.Later Life He wished to He died on have his body January 1. Coupvray but it was later Pantheon exhumed and put in the Pantheon after everyone realized his contribution to the world. .

.Braille-Seeing for the Blind Braille is read by running your fingers over the raised print on a flat surface.

Braille-Seeing for the Blind Braille Blocks Braille Alphabet .

. Braille in Our World Laws now allow the blind to bring seeing eye dogs into public buildings and these laws require different signs to have braille on them.

and Stylus . Available Writing Tools for the Blind Raised braille keyboard Different tools Electronic note are available for taker blind people to take notes and Slate even write books.

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