 Diaz Lopez Porfirio

 Technical English

 Group 390-1

 October 2015

 Teacher(a): Hernández Espinoza Minerva Lizett


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Religions Buddhism Christianity Taoism Islam Hinduism Judaism .

Famous places Victoria Peak Big buddha (Tian Tan) Po Lin Monastery Tai O Victoria Park .

this pudding is traditionally served with sweet ginger syrup or light syrup. or flower teas and herbs. which is shared as a group. Its name comes from a lot of ingredients are available in a large bowl.  Poon choi-whose translation comes to be something like "in big bowl feast".  Tea and Chinese liquors-Nothing better represents the Chinese culture as the aromas of fine green tea.  Rice Soup Cantonese style-You can find these soups rice throughout Hong Kong. . Food  Dry Seafood.  Tofu pudding-Made with a soft tofu.  Shark fin soup-A version of the costly and banquets typical soup made with other fish for a similar effect.  Egg tarts-A flaky pastry filled with egg custard baked. It is one of the traditional fast food.You can find a dry Seafood  in almost any restaurant or bar. This popular Hong Kong sweet tarts probably comes from typical British cuisine custard.


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