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Microsoft HoloLens

Presented by:
Prakash Tiwari
3rd year( c . s )

 Objective of Microsoft HoloLens  Advantages of Microsoft HoloLens  Disadvantages of Microsoft HoloLens  Conclusion  References 2 . Contents  Introduction  Microsoft HoloLens Hardware  Holographic Processor  What is a Hologram?  Why We Need Hologram?  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  How Microsoft HoloLens Works?  Holograms in Windows 10.

.smartphone.  Anything that has bluetooth or wifi can work with the headset whether that is a drone . That means no cords required .INTRODUCTION  Microsoft’s Hololens prototype has all the innards of a computer built directly into the headset . 3 . etc.

Vent 5.Sensor 6.Inside the hololens 1.Buttons 4 .Computer 3.Camera 2.Lenses 4.

5 . and a photo and video cameras to share what you see with others.Microsoft HoloLens Hardware HoloLens comes with a large number of sensors. including a depth sensor to accurately map your environment and read your hand gestures.

is the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) that Microsoft invented specifically for the HoloLens. Holographic Processor In addition to a CPU and a GPU. 6 . The third chip.

and voice and speech recognition.  CPU and GPU are based on Intel’s Cherry Trail Atom chip. Cherry Trail is small. gesture recognition. The. fast and includes a lot of features that can easily fit into the HoloLens 7 . More About Processor  HPU. a custom coprocessor by Microsoft which efficiently processes and integrates data from the various sensors. handling tasks such as spatial mapping.

with only one difference: instead of being made of physical matter. a hologram is made entirely of light. 8 . What is a Hologram? A hologram is an object like any other object in the real world.

in the physical space around you. 9 . Using holograms. so you can interact with it in the same ways that you interact with other physical objects. such as apps. and even multi-dimensional videos. Why We Need Hologram? We’ve made incredible advances in the technology but still constrained with the ways computers recognize our commands through mouse clicks or by touching a screen. you can pin your digital content. information.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality  Augmented Reality(AR) or mixed reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world. the user sees a layer or screen of data that overlays the real world.  With Virtual Reality(VR) the user is completely immersed in a computer-generated reality. 10 .  With AR. or virtual world.

 Once you power on the device. there are a number of cameras facing out that scan the area and collect as much data as possible and the advanced sensors will be sending the information to the HPU(Holographic Processing Unit) which will process the information and a project layer of the data laid over real world. 11 .How Microsoft HoloLens Works?  Microsoft Hololens is an Augmented Reality(AR) headset powered with windows 10 means HoloLens is a computer on your head.

Holograms in Windows 10  Windows 10 is the first platform to support holographic computing with APIs that enable gesture and environmental understanding. and explore. 12 . and all Windows universal apps work as holograms. holograms are Windows universal apps. create.  With Windows 10.  Holograms in Windows 10 will lead to entirely new ways for us to communicate.

 Microsoft expects HoloLens to be made available "in the Windows 10 timeframe“. 13 . manipulate. Objective of Microsoft HoloLens  Main Objective of the HoloLens is to project. and annotate virtual objects (holograms) within your physical environment.

where detailed instruction can be given to the untrained person in the midest of combat.  A spectacle based computer to reside directly on your eyes rather than your pocket.  Hololens can be used in army battlefield. Advantage of microsoft hololens  Easy to wear and use. 14 .

 It may lead to accident while driving. 15 . Dis-advantage of microsoft hololens  Can be easily damaged or broken . user will have a tough time taking care of it.

you can change the world you see.  The team is working with creators and developers all over the world on exciting new holographic experiences. but what we've seen so far is a glimpse into the future. When you change the way you see the world. Conclusion  Holographic computing experiences with Microsoft  HoloLens are different from existing experiences.   The era of holographic computing is here .  HoloLens looks incredibly exciting. 16 . such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

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