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Chapter 22

Exile of Rizal in

Map of Dapitan .

Cebu streamer which brought Rizal to Dapitan Father Pablo Pastells Father Antonio Obach .

and make statements that were clearly pro Spanish and against revolution. •Conduct himself in an exemplary manner as a Spanish subject and a man of religion.   .Rizal could live at Parish Convent in the following condition: •Rizal publicity retract his errors containing religion. •He perform the churches rites and make a general confession of his past life.

WINS IN MANILA LOTTERY Butuan mail boat .

Rizal’s Achievements in Dapitan • Physician • Engineer • Civic Worker • Educator • Scientist • Linguist • Artist • Agriculturist • Businessman • Inventor .

Rizal and Josephine Braken .

Josephine Bracken .

meet Josephine Bracken. • Rizal and Bracken fell in love with each other in just one month. . Bracken gave birth to a one month premature baby boy who lived only for three hours.Rizal and Josephine Bracken • After the death of Leonor Rivera. • They live as man and wife unfortunately. in his loneliness he.

1896. Volonteers as military doctor in Cuba • Rizal wrote to Ramon Blanco offering his service as military doctor. • Governor Blanco later notified acceptance of the offer on July 2. .

” . The Song of the Traveler • When Rizal going to travel to Europe then to Cuba he wrote his heart- warming poem “El Canto del Viajera.

. 1896 Rizal left Dapitan. Adios Dapitan • July 31.