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What is Cricket?
Cricket is a game which is played between two teams with
eleven players on both sides, at the centre of which is a
rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with wickets at each end.
A member of the team which efforts to make
runs by hitting boundaries and running.
A member of the team which efforts to stop
batsman from scoring runs by getting him out
Oriented in England in the early 16- century,
It is believed that cricket was originally a
children's game and late adopted as a adult
For e.g. - Allan Cowen
Allan Cowen Storacar is a professional
Cricket player leading Glasgow domestic team
and also a part of domestic franchises.
A fielder work is to stop ball from reaching the
boundary and tries to help the bowler to get
the batsman out, it's one of the important
aspect of Cricket
It’s a worldwide popular game and recently
due to it’s shorter format it’s gaining
popularity at a rapid rate.