By: Lindsey Bryant

WHAT IS CYBERSQUATTING? According to the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. . or using a domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else (Wikipedia). trafficking in. is registering.

k s .SO.” a “ b i g b u c p a n y an d earn com . T h e y e n t h e y money s an d t h e n i f/ wh d o m a i n n a m e m ba c k t o th e of th ey s e ll t he h o l d o f t h em . WHAT DOES ALL OF THAT REALLY MEAN? e s e x pi re in 4 d o m ai n n am y o u k n o w t h at  Di d years? r s m a k e t h ere c y be rs q u atte la b i lit y  This is h o w o r th e a v a i w a t ch o u t f g e t .


 This site gives a definition similar to the one that I gave in the beginning of this presentation.  On this website.HTTP://WWW. no legislation has been made regarding cybersquatting.COM/ TERM/C/CYBERSQUATTING.WEBOPEDIA. . but most cybersquatting cases end with punishment to the cyber squatter. I found out that Senator Spencer Abraham was the one who brought the attention to congress with the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection.HTM  The first website that I looked at was very resourceful and though it is short provided a lot L of information on cyber squatting.  As of now.

607.359 showed statistics on  Deleted how many domains 323. deleted.DOMAINTOOLS.HTTP://WWW. The following stats are 70.874 .261 from April 26. etc.421 that end in . 2011  Expired and are websites 65.770.COM/INTERNET- STATISTICS/  The next website  Active that I viewed  Transferred 110.533 are active.  New expired.

HTTP://BLOG. in 2001. Bruce Springsteen noticed that the domain name www. but unfortunately for him this time nothing could be done.TRIMO-INC. He tried to take legal action.  was taken.brucespringsteen. .COM/C LIENT-CENTRAL/TECH-TERM-TUE SDAY-ISSUE-9/  An example of cybersquatting that this website used caught my attention.

 Gundul was to stop using the site and pay the US $93 for compensation.  and used it to promote his store. took the domain name kodak. .  The website showed cameras and other merchandise and when clicked on told the buyer the best place to buy the product. which he put as his store.NEWS ARTICLE  In the article that I found. Kodak sued a man from Russia named Alexander Gundul.

• I personally don’t think that it should be illegal. they should be free to do so. . and if it wasn’t so sneaky and illegal it would work.* I chose this topic because when it was mentioned in class in the beginning of the semester it really just caught my attention. if people want to spend all of their time looking at availability of domain names and then get them and sell them to companies that are willing to pay to get them back. •It really does seem like a good way to make money.

. •The article that I chose was one that I think is very captivating and also easy to understand.•The reasons why I chose the websites used in this presentation is because they presented good information. • Also. cybersquatting is a pretty simple thing to understand and it’s very self-explanatory.

especially in our current economic situation . how many people would actually cybersquat? A) My answer for this question would probably be a lot more. ONE QUESTION THAT CAME TO MIND WHILE DOING THIS ASSIGNMENT WAS… If it wasn’t illegal.

domaintools.html .htm  http://blog.BIBLIOGRAPHY  ch-term-tuesday-issue-9/  http://www.php/479311/Kodak-Wins-Russian-CyberSq tics/   http://www.