Gerard López E-22

Nadine Salinas E-21

...................... SUMMARY  ♥ 6-11  14  4  12-13  15 3  Albums..............................

1987. was ‘’Tik Tok’’ in 2009.  Better known by the mononym Kesha stylized Ke$ha. KE$HA ROSE SEBERT♥  She was born March 1.  Her debut single. .

 ALBUMS♥ Animal. . their only album.  Cannibal is the album that she make with another singers. was a great succe ss for his career.

to be made famous in some Countries. .TOK♥ Tik tok is her first Single. SINGLES♥ TIK .

BLAH BLAH BLAH AND MY FIRST KISS♥ These singles were made with the collaboration of 3OH! 3. .

 because it contains a lot of fantasy.YOUR LOVE MY DRUG♥ This was his third single that gave a touch of originality. .

 which have more color and more importance to what she likes most. . TAKE IT OFF♥ Her fourth single. the glitter.

recorded in the middle of a city and is the single most sexy where it leaves. We R Who We R♥ This is her fifth single. .

.BLOW AND SLEAZY♥ These singles are the album Cannibal.

 RIGHT ROUND AND DIRTY PICTURE♥ These are the singles with them that make with  other singers. .

hot digital songs artist. canadian hot artist.Y. pop songs.AWARDS♥ 2010-ESKA MUSIC digital songs.I. 2010-MTV EUROP MUSIC AWARDS. pop songs artist. hot 100 songs.Best new art 2010-J. . AWARDS-Best new art and best song 2010-BILLBOARD YEAR END CHART AWARDS- top new 100 artist.The best new single in the year.S.

 2010-THE JAPAN GOLD MUSIC AWARDS-Best new of the year the download. .