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Frano Brezak

 especially  body tissues to small.Highlighted words Semi Inflammation- part of permeable- allowing p the complex assage of  biological response of certain. be composed of period of time . molecules or  harmful stimuli ions but acting as a ba rrier to others Resident- living in a particular place Comprise-to consist usually for a long of.

Origin-the point or place where something begins or is created Bulk-most of something Plaque-a thin coating that forms on teeth and contains bacteria Ground substance-amorphous gel-like substance surrounding the cells Dissolve.To reduce (solid matter) to liquid form Embedded- fixed firmly and deeply in a surroundin g solid mass .

Enamel 96% of inorganic one of the most hardest tissue in material and 4% of important human body organic material structures of tooth and water .

can be categorized general formula into two groups: Ca5(PO4)3X2 amelogenins and noamelogenins . Organic content inorganic content -Enamel proteins –hydroxyapatite.

IV . calcified dental hard Dentin tissue dentin is formed by odontoblasts Inorganic component – hydroxyapatite Organic components – collagen fibers I. III.

ground substance. bone proteoglycans morphogenic and proteins glycoproteins .

Pulp soft connective tissue subdivided into cellular component and matrix fibroblasts are most important and numerous cell type in the pulp odontoblasts are the second most prominent cells .

and VEGF nitric oxide .Intercellular matrix consists of acid Tissue fluid pressure mucopolyssacharides – and protein glucosoaminoglycans polysaccharides Fibroblasts –FGF2 Odontoblasts.IL 8.

predominant .Type I collagen .Periodontium Cementum  50% mineral and 50% organic matrix  inorganic component .hydroxyapatite [Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2]  organic component.



70% water phosphatase. proteoglycans and glycoproteins . Noncollagenous matrix proteins-alkaline Ground substance.

Gingiva • The connective tissue • is made up predominantly of collagen and proteoglycans • collagen has an unusually high degree of structure .

plays a role in mineralizaton.calcium hydroxyapatite  Organic matrix -type I collagen  organic part is composed of various growth factors  Non-collagenous proteins .Alveolar bone  mineral content . .

progressive destruction of the tooth .Caries localized.

Questions In which two groups are categorized enamel proteins Which cells secrete collagen fibers In which shape are arranged crystals of hydroxyapatite .