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“Better Take Some Notes!!!”

Reflexive & Intensive Pronouns What is the difference? .

**Hint…Reflexive Refers. or Reflects back to the subject/Reflexive Reflects or Refers! Intensive Pronoun: emphasizes a noun or another pronoun. **Hint…Intensive Intensifies…don’t need it! Write what’s in black! . DEFINITIONS… Reflexive Pronoun: refers to the subject and functions as a complement or an object of a preposition.

. The spectators feel like treating themselves by getting some popcorn. Carson earned a reward for himself. The cheerleader is acting like herself again. **Notice…if you take out the reflexive pronoun. REFLEXIVE EXAMPLES: The football players considered themselves warriors. the sentence doesn’t make sense.

I myself sold more than 50 tickets for the movie. Sentences with Intensive Pronouns: Pronouns Cara designed the costumes herself for the movie Twilight. it just helps intensify the noun. himself. **Examples: myself. **Notice…you don’t have to use the intensive pronoun. herself. ourselves .

William Shakespeare of England himself began working as a valet outside of the theater before he worked his way into the theater. The great playwright William Shakespeare himself wrote many tragedies. Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare’s wife) should consider herself a lucky woman! Pronoun: herself Type: reflexive 4. Pronoun: himself Type: intensive 3. Pronoun: himself Type: intensive 2. Let’s Try Some!!! Tell what the pronoun is and whether it is reflexive or intensive and why. Shakespeare prided himself on being born in England. comedies. and poems. 1. Pronoun: himself Type: reflexive .

Now you know 2 more pronouns!!! .Let’s Review… Q: What is an Intensive Pronoun? A: It Intensifies or emphasizes a noun or another pronoun. Q: What is a Reflexive Pronoun? A:It refers back to the subject and doesn’t make sense if taken out.

Interrogative. Relative. Indefinite. & Personal .5 More Pronouns to Go!!! Hang in there! Demonstrative.

Hint: demonstrates! . *that. Examples: *this. Demonstrative Pronouns… Definition: Definition It points out or DEMONSTRATES a noun. *those Sentence: These are the names in homeroom. *these.

*which. *who. *whom. *whose Hint: Interrogate means to question! Can you think of 1 in a sentence? Who is your favorite teacher? . Interrogative Pronouns… An Interrogative Pronoun introduces a question Examples: *what.

Relative Pronouns: Introduce a subordinate clause “Wait…what’s a “A subordinate clause is one subordinate clause?” that cannot stand alone…not a complete sentence itself. Clairsville.” Examples: that. Hint: Introduce me to your relative… . Making “who” the relative pronoun. is from Wooster. which. Ohio. whom. who “Hey. whose Sentence: My English teacher. that’s a subordinate clause!” now lives in St. who.

much. many.” That’s exactly right!!! Hint: Not definite = Not Sure An indefinite pronoun: refers to a noun that may or may not be specifically named. everyone. etc. anyone.INDEFINITE PRONOUNS: Sentence: Everyone came to the game. We’re not sure how many any of those words are!!! That’s why they’re Indefinite Pronouns! . other. nothing. not so sure…. “Um…yea. another. something. Examples: Examples all. several.

their. them. hers. us. her. I visited my relatives. him. we. me. Personal Pronouns Definition: Refers to the one speaking…. his. they. yours 3rd Person: Person he. mine. your. ours 2nd Person: Person you. it. our. . she. Examples: 1st Person: Person I. theirs Hint:Personal refers to a person Sentence:Last spring. its.

Relative 5. 1. Prn: Prn ourselves Type: Reflexive 6. Who is the new band out? Prn: who Type: Type Interrogative . That is the one I have a crush on. Prn: Prn none Type: Type Indefinite 3. The rooster. came to my farm. Prn: Prn that Type: Type Demonstrative 2. Prn: Prn she Type: Type Personal 7. We 8th graders like to think of ourselves as good examples. She went to the mall to buy some new jeans. None of the cafeteria food is good. Prn: myself Type: Type Intensive Prn: Prn which Type: 4. Name the pronoun and tell what type it is. I told my sister myself that she should stay out of my room. which has no tail.

“WWHHEWW!!! WE’RE DONE!!!!” You’re 7 Pronouns Smarter!!! .