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Chem spider

K.ajay kumar
We are talking about ebola disease.
First time the ebola was outbreaks in sudan
dr.cango in 1976. in that time It was killed
more than 1,500 people in africa. Present it
was outbreaks in sierra leone,liberia.
Particuler species of fruit bets are considered
possible natural host for ebola virus.not
only fruit bets but also gorilla,chimpanzee,
Close contact with the blood
,secretions,organs of the other bodily fuids of
infected or dead animals . Touching objects
that have come in contact with the virus.
Target in the body:
Hiepatocytes functional cells of the liver
Endothelical cells , which from the linings of
the blood vessels.
Phogocytes, blood that absorb forein particles.
Fever, sore threat, muscle pain ,
intense weakness, vomiting ,
diarrhea, impaired liver and kidney
function, internal and external
The incubation period is from 2 to 21
It enters into the blood and
decreasing or killing the white blood
It removes the oxygen in the whole
The virus spreads the whole body
through the blood.
The virus is increasing the population
in each part of the body.
First 7-9 days:
Headache ,fatigue ,fever, muscle soreness
Day 10:
Sudden high fever ,vomiting blood, passive
Day 11:
Brain damage ,bleeding from nose, mouth, eyes
Day 12:
Loss of consciousness, massive internal
In the olden days, trees with medicinal
values are only the source to recover the
people from various diseases. ofcourse,
every part of the tree is rich with the
medicinal values of some trees. we have
sorted out many medicinal plants which may
have the ability to cure the ebola disease .
as we seen in many of the cases treatment
done by the medicinal science yields very
good results compared to english medicines.
Suppose we take an example chicken
pox. In many villages or towns neem
tree is used for the treatment of this
disease. now a days so many
medicines are available for the
treatment of this disease. But this
treatment of this disease is more
better than the english medicines.
not only chicken pox disease but also
cheek swelling.
The treatment of cancer disease also
using this method. but after 1 or 2
years they were prepared a drug
using the chemical compositions of
the medicinal tree. So I hope these
type of methodology will help us in
curing ebola.
So I propose some medicinal plants
like prickly chaff flowers and also
africa trees as play important role in
curing ebola disease.

so I hope my solution to ebola gets

your attention.