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National Training of Trainers for

Campus Journalism
Science Writing (News, Feature & Editorial)
What is science writing?

Writing about scientific

subject matter, often in a
non-technical manner for an
audience of non-scientists
Why is science writing important?

There is always wonder and

amazement to be had in
science, if you know where
and how to look

Science writing encourages

students to think critically
Science = Boring?
Science News
Basically news about science
Where can students get science news?

1. Science fair
2. School events
3. Local science community
4. Make the process of learning science newsworthy
Science feature
Human interest story that also looks into science
Write for your audience
Research, research, research
Simplify, but dont dumb it down
Responsibilities of the editor

Stop/prevent Ensure that the story is

plagiarism comprehensible
What can student science journalists

What they see in media

Products they use
What affects them and
their communities directly
Their bodies
Science Editorial
a newspaper article written by or on behalf of an editor
that gives an opinion on a science issue
Science Editorials

Focus on the facts

Analysis of the issue
must be based on
scientific facts and
following the scientific
Assumptions raised
must be based on solid
logic and following the
scientific method
What issues in your community are
affected by science?
Bonus: Science Cartoon!
Cartoons are a great way to make learning science fun!
Fun Exercise: 1 panel science comic based
on geeky pick-up lines
Thank you for participating!