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I- 1
Appendix Standards of Ethical Conduct

I for Management

Management accountants have an obligation to the

organizations they serve, their profession, the public, and
themselves to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct.
In recognition of this obligation, the Institute of Management
Accountants (IMA) has published and promoted standards of
ethical conduct for management accountants.

I- 2
IMA Statement of Ethical Professional

Members of IMA shall behave ethically. A commitment to

ethical professional practice includes: overarching principles
that express our values, and standards that guide our conduct.

Principles Standards
Honesty Competence
Fairness Confidentiality
Objectivity Integrity
Responsibility Credibility

I- 3
IMA Statement of Ethical Professional

Resolution of Ethical Conflict

Follow your organizations established policies. If these policies do
not resolve the ethical conflict, you should consider the following:
Discuss issue with immediate supervisor.
If you cannot achieve resolution, submit issue to the next
management level.
Clarify ethical issues by initiating a confidential discussion with
an IMA Ethics Counselor or other impartial advisor.
Consult your own attorney.

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