Welcome to the

Phonics Workshop
7th October 2014

• To acquire a greater understanding and
familiarity of phonics in a fun and activity
based learning environment

• Practise the skills of segmenting,
blending, and manipulation in addition to
letter, sound and action relationships

• To be able to relate and integrate these
core skills into the LINUS framework

Some reminders:
• English only please 
• Don’t be afraid to make
• Have fun!
• ANY questions – please ask

In association with the Muar fasiLINUS team, we
12 VIP Mentees:

Norhafizah binti Aris (SK Ismail Satu 1)
Premalatha A/P Manickam (SK Kota Raja)

Mohamad Khairul bin Noor Muhamad (SRAB
Herdayati Binti Abdul Aziz (SK Panjang Sari)

Zarina Yusof (SK Sri Tangkak)
Juana Binti Imran (SK Sri Jamil)

Sangeetha Senappa (SJKT Jalan Sialang)
Zuraida Binti Mustafa (SK Parit Keroma
Sarah Binti Hazah @ Hamzah (SK Simpang
Lima Pekan)
Hamizatun Robiah Bt Abdul Shukor (SK Parit
Elyna Shikin Adean (SK Bukit Gambir)

Ng Jazz Si (SJKC Sing Hwa)

In association with the Muar fasiLINUS team, we

6 Mentors:

Jeremy Smith (Bakri) We are part of the 2nd
Sharon Molloy (Bandar Muar) Project
Beverlee Brick (Seri Menanti) Malaysia-wide TELL project:

Kerry Marshman-Smith (Bukit Teaching English through
Gambir) Language and Literacy
Jennifer Aitken (Tangkak) TELL1 2011-2013, TELL2 2014-
Paul Szymichowski (Pagoh) 2015

Today’s agenda: 8am – 8:30am Registration 8:30am – 10am Input session 1: Phonics – sounds 10am – 10:30am TEA BREAK 10:30am – 11:15am Input session 2: Phonics – skills 11:15am – 12:45pm Input session 3: Mini activities 12:45pm – 1pm Morning summary 1pm – 2pm LUNCH 2pm – 5pm FasiLINUS session with attendees .

The Alphabet Song… .

Aa .

Bb .

Cc .

Dd .

Ee .

Ff .

Gg .

Hh .

Ii .

Jj .

Kk .

Ll .

Mm .

Nn .

Oo .

Pp .

Qq .

Rr .

Ss .

Tt .

Uu .

Vv .

Ww .

Xx .

Yy .

Zz .

Voiced Unvoiced a b c f d e h g i k p j l q m s t n o x r .

Voiced Unvoiced a b c f d e h g i k p j l q m s t n o x r .

Voiced Unvoiced /ð/ /θ/ For more information on phonemics. search for ‘phonemic chart’ in your browser or app store .

Voiced Unvoiced brother think the three this path that throw father bath other moth breathe thin though thorn .


‘at’) •) pat 3) •) pet •) pit •) pot the same beginning and end sound (manipulation . Its time for a quick quiz: What do the following have in common: • pit 1) • person • pan • pottery the same onset (first sound of a syllable eg. ‘p’) •) cat 2) •) hat •) sat •) nat the same rime (remainder of that syllable eg.

stop slow scream . 4) can we make the word ‘sock’ from these 3 words?: How • song • hop • stick song + hop + stick = sock 5) Which letter added to the beginning of these 3 words will change both their spelling and meaning? •) top •) low •) cream ‘s’ .

et’s have a look at some phonics skills in more details .

eg.1) Segmenting: Breaking a word into its individual phonic elements. practise segmenting the following words: • sit • box • zip • Kevin Bacon • bug * This skill relates to LINUS construct 4 . ‘m’ + ‘a’ + ’p’ In groups.

2) Blending: Joining two or more sounds together. eg. ‘a’ + ‘p’ = ’ap’ ‘m’ + ‘ap’ = ‘map’ In groups. practise blending the following rimes and onsets: • sit • box • zip • bug * This skill relates to LINUS construct 3 .

eg. practise manipulation in a circle of the following words: • tap • pet • bug . ‘map’ > ‘mat’ > ’man’ ‘map’ > ‘mop’ ‘map’ > ‘tap’ > ‘nap’ In groups.3) Manipulation: Experimenting with changing 1 or more sounds to make new words.

phonic actions for reading.) Embedded phonics: Addressing phonics at any time during any lesson as need eg. new vocabulary etc look at the following text: .


let’s get into groups: .


.Thank you!!! enjoy your….