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 Domenico Columbo was a wool weaver. Columbus •  Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa. Marco Polo’s writings and  Pierre d’Ally’s Picture of the World. • He wanted to find a shorter route to Asia. to gather all the information  he could about the world. Mystery of Family Columbus’ Bones Main . Italy in 1451 • His Father. the bible. • He studied geography books. • Christopher’s dream was to become a sea captain. • He became a chart maker because he believed he world was a  sphere (round) instead of flat.

BACK . • They had one son-Diego. named Fernando. together. • Dona died shortly after childbirth. They never got married.• Married Dona Felipa Perestrello in 1479. • Columbus then had a relationship with Beatriz Enrique. but they had a son.

• His bones were then moved to Seville. So in Columbus’ tomb it might really be Diego and Columbus’ bones might have been in Santo Domingo the whole time. the body was then moved back to Seville. • His son Diego was buried next to him.Mystery of Columbus’ Bones • In May 1502. they discovered that they might have moved Diego’s body instead of Columbus’. Cuba. BACK . Spain. • In Santo Domingo. • When Cuba became independent from Spain. • After the French took seize of Santo Domingo. Spain. • Diego’s wife had both bodies later moved to Santo Domingo on Hispaniola. Columbus died and was buried in the Spanish city of Valladolid. Columbus was moved to Havana.

Histo ry Voyages Famous Ships Main Spanish Involvement .

• In 1492. he received the money for the trip. Spanish Involvement • Columbus wanted to find a quicker route to Asia and was convinced that if he sailed west he would reach Asia (the “Indies”) faster than traveling around the tip of Africa. Columbus also agreed to spread the word of Christianity. • Columbus went and asked King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to help fund his trip. several years after his appeal. Back . • The King and Columbus made a deal that Columbus would only keep 10% of the wealth he brought back.

click on the WebQuest button. Nina. Web Quest Back .Columbus’ Famous Ships Columbus had many ships. but the 3 that are most famous are the Pinta. and the Santa Maria. To learn more about Columbus’ ships and what life was like on the ships.

Columbus’ Voyages Voyage #1 Voyage #3 Voyage #2 Voyage #4 Back Main .

Pinta – On October 12. Nina. 1942 – Columbus returned to Spain on the Nina – Spain had a huge reception for Columbus upon his return – They named him “Admiral of the Sea” Back .the island of San Salvador – This is the date it is said that he discovered the Americas – Columbus claimed the islands – The Santa Maria was destroyed on December 24. 1492 he discovered land.Columbus’ First Voyage – August 3. 1492 Columbus left Spain to start his first voyage – He took 3 ships: Santa Maria.

Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Columbus’ Second • Voyage October 1493. Some seized a ship and returned to Spain.500 colonists. • He discovered the Leeward Islands. Columbus left Cadiz with a fleet of 17 ships carrying a total of 1. Back . • Columbus left his brother Bartholomew in charge of Hispaniola while he returned to Spain in 1496. • The colonists he had brought to Hispaniola just wanted gold and were completely disorderly.

Columbus left for his 3rd expedition. • He was released later.Columbus’ Third Voyage • In 1498. the King and Queen of Spain sent an independent governor to Hispaniola because of the terrible conditions there under Columbus’ rule. but his public support was growing wary. • In 1500. • He was forced to transport convicts to be new colonists. • Columbus was taken back to Spain in chains. because Hispaniola’s conditions were not good and the novelty of the new world was wearing off. BACK .

Back . but to give up his dream. • He struck the coast of Central America. Columbus gathered four more ships to make another voyage in attempt to reestablish his reputation. • After suffering many hardships. • He was hoping that if he sailed far enough west he would find Asian land. Columbus’ Fourth • Voyage In 1502. he returned to Spain with no other choice.

• In 1971.COLUMBUS DAY • First celebration of the discovery of the “New World” was in 1792. in New York. • In 1937. Main . Congress declared it a federal public holiday on the second Monday in October. President Roosevelt proclaimed every October 12th as Columbus day.

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