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Prof Sartaj Khera Jitender Katoch
Sumeet Sharma
Avinash Kumar
Manoj Bhatt
Atul Tripathi
Arjit Jain

the contractors. The case ends with a brief discussion on the future plans of the DMRC. • The case describes the organization and planning of the project and highlights the steps taken by the DMRC to ensure the successful completion of the project. It also explains how the DMRC managed the various stakeholders like the central and state governments. it stood out from most other public sector projects in India in that it was completed on schedule and within the budgeted cost. ABSTRACT: • The Delhi Metro project gave Delhi a world-class mass rapid transit system. More importantly. . and the citizens of Delhi. to ensure that the project was implemented smoothly.

ISSUES: • Understand the preliminary activities to be taken up before a large infrastructure project can be started • Appreciate the significance of the role of a project manager in project execution • Understand the importance of the right work culture in successful project management • Recognize the importance of managing the various stakeholders in a project • Appreciate the difficulties involved in the execution of large infrastructure projects in developing countries. and how these can be overcome .

KEYWORDS • Delhi Metro. Project planning. Project management of Delhi Metro. Sreedharan Delhi Metro. Project evaluation • “Everyone who has traveled by the Delhi Metro wants one in his or her city. Project implementation." . Today. Construction of Delhi Metro. Stakeholder management. DMRC. there is a national resurgence in public interest in urban public transport.

In 1995.5 km section of Line 3 becoming operational in April 2006. INTRODUCTION • With a 6. This phase was set to cost Rs. 98 billion. 62 km had been completed and opened for service. Phase I of the Delhi Metro3 project was nearing completion. Of the total length of 65. . • The first steps to build a metro system in the city were taken in the early 1990s. As of early 2006.16 km of the first phase. around 450. the Government of India (GoI) and the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) formed the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (DMRC) under the Companies Act to construct the Delhi Metro.000 passengers were traveling by the Delhi Metro every day.

i. The DMRC was to complete Phase I of the project within 10 years. The company was incorporated under the Companies Act in May 1995. (DMRC).. by the end of 2005. THE DELHI METRO PROJECT • In order to implement the Delhi Metro project. . the GoI and the GNCTD set up a 50:50 joint venture company called the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.e.

. The GoI and the GNTCD had prepared a comprehensive plan to extend the Delhi Metro to 244 km by 2021 in three subsequent phases. Moreover. with the GoI planning extensions to the Metro. OUTLOOK • The Delhi Metro was expected to play a major role in relieving the transport problems faced by the city's residents. it appeared that the benefits of an efficient transport system would be enjoyed by people living in a wider geographical area than originally planned.