BMM 3613

Prof. Madya Dr. Khairi Yusuf

BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 1

stability analysis and steady-state analysis. electrical and electro- mechanical systems. BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 2 . analysis and design. The covered topics are frequency domain modeling of mechanical. time response analysis. control system analysis and design using root-locus and frequency response techniques. Course Synopsis This course introduces linear time-invariant (LTI) control system modeling.

mechanical and electro-mechanical systems 3. Develop frequency domain transfer function of linear time - invariant (LTI) control systems for electrical. Course Outcomes 1. steady-state response and system stability of LTI control system 4. Solve and analyze the transient response. Understand the basic control system concepts and illustrate the required control system into block design process 2. Solve and analyze and design control system compensators to achieve specified control system performances utilizing root- locus technique 5. Solve and analyze and design control system compensators to achieve specified control system performances utilizing frequency response technique BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 3 .

John Wiley & Sons. Modern Control Engineering. Controller Design via Root-Locus Techniques (3 weeks) 5. Abbas Emami-Naeini. Prentice Hall. •. Automatic Control Systems. Analysis of Control System (4 weeks) 4. 2009. Modern Control Systems 12th Edition. Gene F. 2008. Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems. •. Norman S. Basic Control System Concepts (1 week) 2. 6th Edition. J. Fifth Edition. 2002. Modeling of Dynamic Systems (3 weeks) 3. Katsuhiko Ogata. Richard C. John Wiley & Sons. sixth Edition. Prentice Hall. •. Franklin. Benjamin C. Prentice Hall BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 4 . Inc. Inc. Contents 1. Controller Design via Frequency Response Techniques (3 weeks) References: •. Kuo and Farid Golnaraghi. 2009. •. Dorf and Robert H. David Powell. Nise. Eighth Edition. 2010. Bishop. Control Systems Engineering.

Assessment Methods BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 5 .

A/D Adaptive NN accelerometer 2 algorithm) A/D pressure sensor PC . RTW.Base Interface Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) Disturbances 6 . Skyhook. SIMULINK. A/D Borland C++ accelerometer 1 (PID. AFC. Example Body Damper and spring Tire and wheel Road profiles Pneumati c Suspension System D/A voltage to pneumatic actuator A/D LVDT 1 A/D LVDT 2 MATLAB.

Time responses: Without PID and proposed Frequency controller controller responses: BMM3613: Automatic Control (2012) 7 .