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UNIT 4 .


   Modal phrases (or semi-modals) are used to express the same things as modals. possibility. .MODAL VERB  WHAT IS A MODAL VERB IN ENGLISH?  A modal is a type of auxiliary (helping) verb that is used to express: ability. but are a combination of auxiliary verbs and the preposition to. permission or obligation.

. modal auxiliaries) are special verbs which behave irregularly in English."  They give additional information about the function of the main verb that follows it.. play.. modal auxiliary verbs.MODAL VERB  WHAT ARE THE FUNCTIONS OF MODAL?  Modals (also called modal verbs. visit.  They are different from normal verbs like "work.

can to express ability I can speak a little may. may to request permission May I sit down. can to request permission Can I open the window? should. modals and should to give advice You should stop smoking. might. Russian. ought to. their most common would to request or offer Would you like a cup of meanings tea? would in if-sentences If I were you. please? must to express obligation I must go now. I would say sorry. shall. Here a list must to express strong belief She must be over 90 showing the most useful years old.MODAL VERBS The modal verbs Modal Meaning Example include can. must. . will. would. may to express possibility I may be home late. could.

or: He shouldn't smoke (He Infinitive I would love to be able to play the doesn't should smoke). need substitute verbs to perfect express obligation or I haven’t been able to solve this ability in the different problem. I had to finish my Modal verbs are unlike math test. other verbs. Future They do not need an I’m not sure if I will be able to come additional auxiliary in to your party negatives or questions.MODAL VERBS Sorry I'm late. For example: Must I I don't want to have to go. Can you help? tenses You'll have to work hard if you want Modals are auxiliary verbs. to pass the exams. They do not Past simple change their form I couldn’t/wasn’t able to walk until I (spelling) and they have no was 3 years old infinitive or participle (past/present). She's had to return to Korea at short The modals must and can Present notice. come? (Do I must come?). piano .

MODAL VERBS They do not accept conjugatio n S M V They do Subje Verb not need ct other auxiliary  Example: Mary could play verbs the piano .

MODAL VERBS Modal verbs do not have infinitives to can / caning to must or –ing forms /musting Modal verbs are She must study followed by an infinitive We should have gone the other way without to He could play football in his youth (general ability) .

MODAL VERBS There is no “s” in singular There is  He can ski no “do / He cans ski or He can skis does” in the  Would you like to come question with me? There is no Do you would like to come with me? “don’t / doesn’t”  They can’t be serious in the negative They don’t can be serious .

sir? if you want MAY It may rain May I leave the tomorrow table? MUST She must be his You must leave sister because they before the look alike. HAVE TO I have to study tonight. It’s for a taxi for TO (expectation) excellent. PROBABILITY/ ABILITY PERMISSION OBLIGATION/ OFFERS POSSIBILITY ADVICE CAN I can play the Can I go out Can I help piano tonight? you? CAN’T She can’t be his I can’t speak Can I borrow mum. SHALL You shall pay Shall I help on Tuesday you? SHOULD / Brenda should be You should see Should I phone OUGHT home by now it. young you can’t. clock strikes twelve. . you? HAD You had better BETTER sleep more. She ‘s too German the car? No. Can’t we stay longer ? Please? MIGHT It might rain tomorrow COULD It could rain I could already Could I see You could tomorrow read when I your passport borrow my car was two please.

Modals-like verbs Modal Concept Example Like to Enjoy I like to watch TV Want to Desire John wants to buy a car Need to Necessity We really needed to talk to you Have to Obligation Susan had to pay the rent Have got to Have to I’ve got to go now Look forward Future plan I look forward to seeing you again to Be bound to Certainly It’s bound to rain tomorrow prediction .

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