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• The name BOLLYWOOD inspired by TOLLYWOOD the name that was used to refer to the cinema of West Bengal. • In 1932 TOLLYWOOD was the earliest HOLLYWOOD inspired name because the Bengali Film Industry was based on Tollygunge. • Indian Cinema has passed through 11 decades of entertainment, songs, love in the rain, exotic locations, “mere paas maa hai”, on screen kissing and much more. The growth in the terms of impact and quality has been tremendous in the last 110 years. Cinema has now become an inevitable part of the Indian culture and society

• First Indian film was made in 1899 by Calcutta based Mr. Harishchandra Sakharam Bhatavdekar. He, using a projection apparatus and an imported British camera made two short films namely : The Wrestlers and Man and Monkey. • The first indigenous full-length feature film was made by Dundiraj Govinda Phalke, who is better known as Dada Saheb Phalke. The film was titled ‘Raja Harishchandra’ and was released on May 3, 1914 at the coronation theatre, Bombay. The film ran for 23 days. • Phalke’s ‘Lanka Dahan’, which came out in 1917, went on to become India’s first box office hit.

• India made its first talkie in 1931. ‘Alam Ara’ was the first full length indigenously made talkie film, which was produced by imperial films and was directed by Ardeshir Irani. It also contained seven songs and was released on March 14, 1931, Bombay’s Majestic cinema. • In 1937 Ardeshir Irani made the first Colour Film in Hindi : ‘Kisan Kanya’ • Dada Saheb Phalke’s contribution to Indian cinema was tremendous and hence, Dada Saheb Phalke Lifetime Achievement Awards were started in his honour in 1969.Devika Rani, Grand daughter of Rabindra Tagore, won the first award.

Bollywood earnings
• Even though Bollywood may account for only 2% of the worldwide box office currently, it is expected to more than double its share of the global market in the years to come. • Bollywood revenues would rise from $1.5 billion in 2006 to $3.4 billion by 2010, thanks to the growth of multiplexes • Bollywood is the biggest film industry in the world in terms of number of viewers, with an audience of more than 3 billion compared with Hollywood’s 2.6 billion globally. • Bollywood revenues are growing by 20%-25% every year.

FACTS & FIGURE • According to the survey, In 2009, Market Share of Television is above US $11.2 billion. • And, Films : Above US $ 5 billion. • Live Events will be a US $ 60 million industry, up from US $ 26.6 million in 2006.

Bollywood follows the ‘star’ system. The lead star in a film often receives as much as 40% of the budget (average US $2 million) for the formula/mainstream film. Stars are in such high demand that they're working on an average of 4 films a year. Since natural location shooting is impractical in India, the concept of the ‘film city’ has emerged and there are now film cities in the three major film subindustrial hubs in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

The financial infrastructure for Indian cinema is customized to the traditional differentiation between art and commercial cinema. ‘Commercial’ cinema claims to be for the ‘masses’ and follows the generic formula with a good deal of ‘westernization’ element. ‘Art’ films usually deal with a wide range of subjects but many are in general explorations of complex human circumstances and relationships within an Indian setting. More than 95% of film financing goes towards ‘commercial cinema’ The National Film Development Corporation was set up in to counter this trend and promote “excellence in cinema”.

An estimated 6 million people earn their livelihood from the entertainment industry – Film and TV Unionization of the film industry is a state subject. Each Indian state with a film industry has several registered unions for all categories of actors and technicians. It is critiqued that the film unions have excessive control over production processes. About 70% of television revenues are from films and film-based programs. In-film advertising is helping to build brands and proving to be a revenue-spinner for several ad agencies. Film placements are currently rating in anything between Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 50 million for the producers.

In-Film advertising generates anything between US$ 15,000 – 200,000 per film for film budget sizes ranging from USD 500,000 - Million. Film stars forge strategic linkages with advertising products and earn a separate income from this cobranding that ranges from USD 25,000- 2 million per star, per co-branding. Film production scales: high-budget – US$ 15 million. Medium budget – US$2 million. Low budget – US$130,000- 1.5 million, Very low budgets for independent films and documentaries. Films on environment and wildlife are negligible.





Releasing the film music, or music videos, before the actual release of the film can also be considered a form of advertising. A popular tune is believed to help pull audiences into the theaters. Bollywood publicists have begun to use the Internet as a venue for advertising. Bollywood is also used to advertise other products. Bollywood movie stars appear in print and television advertisements for other products.

DISTRIBUTION (TERRITORIES) • There are major territories and minor territories depending on the market-size of the audience for Hindi films there. For the purposes of enumeration, all territories are rated as a percentage of an arbitrary major territory.

• MAJOR TERRITORIES Mumbai Territory – 100% Central Circuit – 90% Delhi/UP – 100% Eastern Circuit – 90% Overseas – 100% • MINOR TEERITORIES North India / East Punjab – 45% Southern Circuit – 45%

MARKETING PLAN • Create Value For Distributors • Create Value For Exhibitors • Generate High Walk - Ins


Romantic & Action Oriented Film

Made With A budget Of 10crs

Backed with Innovative & not necessarily High budget Marketing plan

Good Star cast

Distributed & Released Across All Territories Simultaneously


Rs 66 Crore +


Rs 70 Crore +


Rs 71 Crore +


Rs 73 Crore +


Rs 76 Crore +


Rs 81 Crore +


Rs 84 Crore +


Rs 120 Crore +


Rs 130 Crore +


Rs 150 Crore +