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MGT 504 - Strategic Management

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Strategic Management of

1. Company Overview
2. Core values
3. Company vision/mission analysis
4. Environment analysis
5. Selection of strategies
6. Implement strategies: Management issues
7. Implement strategies: Marketing
8. Recommendation
Jamuna Bank Ltd.

Jamuna Bank Limited (JBL) is a private commercial bank of

Bangladesh established on 3rd June 2001.

The Bank started its operation by a group of successful local

entrepreneurs conceiving an idea of creating a model banking
institution with different outlook to offer the valued customers,
a comprehensive range of financial services and innovative
products for sustainable mutual growth and prosperity.

The Bank is being managed and operated by a group of highly

educated and professional team with diversified experience in
finance and banking who constantly focuses on understanding
and anticipating customers' needs.

Customer Focus
Quality Fairness
Teamwork Commitment
Respect for the individual Respectable Citizenship
Harmony Business Ethics
Unique Culture
A Comprehensive Strategic-Management Model
Step 1: Develop Vision & Mission Statement

To become a leading banking institution and to play a significant role in
the development of the country.

The Bank is committed to satisfy diverse needs of its customers
through an array of products at a competitive price by using
appropriate technology and providing timely service so that a
sustainable growth, reasonable return and contribution to the
development of the country can be ensured with a motivated and
professional workforce.
Step 2: Environment Analysis: External Environment

1. Political Aspects
Internal Environment

Industry Environment:

Porters Five Forces Model:

1. Bargaining power of Customer:
Buyer information availability (HIGH)
Buyer price sensitivity (HIGH)
Availability of existing substitutes products (HIGH)

2. Bargaining power of Supplier

Bank capital supplier (Low)
Credit Card supplier (Medium)
Internal Environment

3. Threats of new entrants

Many financial even non-financial organizations can easily entry to bank
industry; they can also integrate with other organizations. The switching cost
of this behavior become smaller than before and the advantage is larger than
before also.

4. Threats of substitute product

Real-time money transfer, real-time payment, currency exchange and
insurance, they through Internet provide a high quality but low service charge
service. Customer will due to convenience, low cost and high efficiency change
the service to other organization.

5. The intensity of competitive rivalry

Competition between banks become violent and the maturity of financial
market in the country is very high, so the competitiveness force bank to find
other profit continuously.
Competitive advantage

Differentiation and sustaining the brand image

Step 3: Establish Long-term objectives

To establish relationship banking and To ensure an adequate rate of return on

improve service through development of investment
strategies marketing plan

To keep risk position at an acceptable range

To remain one of the best banks in
Bangladesh in terms of profitability and
assets quality To maintain adequate liquidity to meet
maturing obligation and commitments
To maintain adequate control systems and
transparency in procedure. To ensure optimum utilization of all
available resources
To develop and retain a quality work force
through an effective Human Resources To introduced fully automated systems
Management Systems through integration of information
Step 4: Generate, Evaluate and Select Strategies

Manage and operate the bank in the most

efficient manner to enhance financial Promote organizational effectiveness by
performance and to control cost of fund. openly communicating company plans,
Strive for customer satisfaction through policies, practices and procedures to
quality control and delivery of timely employees in a timely fashion.
service Cultivate a working environment that
Review and update policies, procedures and fosters positive motivation for improved
practices to enhance the ability to extend performance.
better service to customers. Identify customer's credit and other
Train and develop all employees and banking related needs and monitor their
provide them adequate resources so that perception towards our performance in
customers needs can be reasonably meeting those requirements.
addressed. Increase direct contact with customers in
Diversify portfolio both in the retail and order to cultivate a closer relationship
wholesale market. between the bank and the customer.
Step 5: Implement Strategies- Management Issues

To achieve constant growth in business JBL is persuading a

managing for growth strategy.

Their strategic human resource management strategy

involves developing comprehensive values among their

The strategic management initiative was launched to

ensure competitive advantage from each business unit.

The intensity of strategy formulation is primarily focused on

Private Banking, Personal Financial Services, Commercial
Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking.
Step 6: Implement Strategies- Marketing Strategy

Marketing Communication mix of Jamuna Bank Ltd

In the TV news, Jamuna Bank sponsors for reminding the customers.

They acts on a variety of promotional elements to progress their products
and services through intermediaries directly to the customers.
They think that Personal Selling is effective in creating brand image,
conveying information, creating awareness and can generate a behavioral
In the newspapers, Jamuna Bank gives ads for their social marketing
activities. Like, AIDS, Drug Addiction, to help poor children, to save the
ACID victim etc.
Marketing Strategy

Development of Promotion Strategy of Jamuna

Bank Ltd.

Setting communication objectives.

Deciding the role of each of the components that make up the promotion
Determining the promotion budget.
Selecting the strategy for each promotion component.
Integrating and implementing the promotion component strategies.
Evaluating the effectiveness of the integrated promotion strategies.
Marketing Strategy

Promotional activities of Jamuna Bank Ltd. through CSR

Healthcare service.
Scholarship program for brilliant poor student.
Education Promotion Scheme (Interest free loan).
Helping people affected by natural calamities.
Helping people in slum areas.
Donation to educational institutions to setup computer lab.

By doing these kinds of program, Jamuna Bank remind people to come
and join with them.

They are more concerned with corporate customer group. In addition to that, they
can also give some special service and facilities to other customer groups as well.

They should put special attention to reduce the coordination gap between front and
back office.

Many banks are earning revenue from the loan sector and they have number of loan
categories (like- any purpose load is providing by Prime Bank). JBL can also
introduce different types of loan facilities for their customers.

They can plan further move to gain competitive advantage over the rivals . For
example- lowering or changing interest rates in their services, improving features,
implementing innovations in the service etc.

Successful advertising involves products or services positively known by that section

of the public most likely to purchase them. Therefore, Jamuna Bank should perform
more advertisement.

It goes without saying that JBL has got a simplified and slow expansion strategy in
Dhaka as well as in Bangladesh.

The main reason behind such strategy is to ensure quality service to the customers
and to maintain their brand image.

The overall expansion strategy has been improved since its commencement and it is
growing day by day.

So we can understand the presence of JBL is Bangladesh would be long term

orientated and they
would serve the Bangladeshi people more extensively.

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