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To fulfill the mission of the government in uk

To modernize the framework of the country,the idea of
information age governmentwas established
It involve dedelopment of e- business & e-commerce strategies
of the government , to welcome the information revolution in
the framework of the country.
As being a major part of the public sector in the country,
national health service(nhs), had to meet the strategies of the
Nhs spend 25% of its budget on commercial sector,which
provided goods & services to the healthcare.
To manage the relation between the nhs as a public
sector & the commercial supplier,there had been a need
to reduce the cost in the supply chain,as the main focus
of the strategy of the development of e-commerce in
The e-commerce involves the exchange of the
information through electronic network,in all the stages
of supply chain, aiminh for transperancy.
The information sharing in the supply chain was
directed towards eprocurement from the suppliers.
E-procurement would have three main component ---1) integrated
finance 2)e-trading 3)e-tendering, & a single electronic catalogue of
E-tendering would deal with electronic sourcing which would include
inviting,receiving & also evaluating the offers from suppliers
E-trading included transaction by electronic means,which has three
factore- find,buy & pay. Catalogues need to be figured ,followed by
placement and receiving of orders and payment of receipts.
E-commerce has a relation with operational & transactional syatem.this
would include availability,transparency of information in the supply
chain &the relationship between NHS and the suppliers.
Barrier to such strategy
The agency had studied the market mechanism in the country
and had drawn some factors that can affect the
implementation of e-commerce strategies
Firstly,despite the claims of the provider of e-commerce, it was
evident that there was the absence of any model to replicate
the situation of the NHS both in public or private sector
Secondly the system based solution of the software programs
which would handle the procurement process and the
technolog to run the process were not optimum and sufficient
for the scale of business of e-commerce for the nhs. The nhs
has comparatively fgreat scale of business of nhs.
The solution suggested does not fill the objectives of the e-
commerce appropriately.the desiging & the system that is
currently available are not in widespread operation in the country
To fufill the objective of the nhs through the strategies,the agency
would take 3-5 years ,as this would require an enormous change
in the business practices of the nhs.
Even if a common information system was used to deal with all
transactions ,a common coding platform for the suppliers and the
goods & services was required to determine every spending by
nhs on every item and with every supplier.the absence of such a
platform would prohibit a rational and strategic approach for the
How can agency remove barrier and enable an effevtive
e-commerce strategy

4 clear prospects-
1) e-commerce in the nhs should involve ,integrate, and
assimilate all the business process right from the
demand for the supplies, through to the payment
2) e-commerce should include every key participants in
the supply chain environment in the nhs, which would
include all the nhs organizations in the supplier base.
3) e-commerce in nhs I sexpected to act on the only one-time basis in its designing of the
programs and its application
4)e-commerce in the nhs should engage the purchasing function from a transactional function to

Componemts are-
Every transaction from demand to payment should be electronic
The e-commerce process to be standardized in all the organization in the nhs, with variations for
some selected market
The process for e-commerce should be integrated with all the other syatem in the nhs, including
the supply chain system.
E-commerce should enable the customization of choice on product range and the supplier
e-commerce should enable the nhs to aggregate across the nhs trust in the demand and supply
chain ,contracting, ordering & payment
E-commerce should enable collection ,analysis, decision making on the information, which would
create added value for the nhs synergy.
If me, then initiative
If I had the responsibility of the project, I would suggested some
significant steps for the successful application of the e-commerce in
the nhs.
1) application of an appropriate model,either from public or private
sector ,for the application of e-commerce strategy.
I would plan an appropriate software system & system based solution
for the procurement process.
I would make sure that syatem solution & and designing system is
optimum for thw widespread operation for nhs
To make this operation successful, a program to change would need,to
underpin all the objective,of e-commerce business practices in nhs
There is also need to take up developmental work in the supplier base.
I would also make sure that all the transactions of the
goods &services are dealt with a common coding
platform, to have a proper understanding of every
expense made by the nhs on each item.this would
ensure the rational ,strategic & co-ordinated approach
to the purchasing from suppliers in nhs.