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Alex Denoyelle and Cam Rivest

Harmful Effects of Being

Overweight on Health
Background Information
Less than 28% of students report having 60 minutes of PA; 31% played
video games for 3+ hours daily

Number of obese high school students increased 19% from 1999 to


1.7 per 1,000 students under 19 years of age have been diagnosed with
type 2 diabetes
Causes of Obesity and related
Health Problems
-Children of overweight parents are 80% more likely to be overweight
-Inactivity and poor diet leads to an increased risk for obesity and type 2
-Once students become diabetic, exercising without insulin and food control
could put them at increased risk for hypoglycemia
-Many students have a negative relationship with physical activity
Why PE Hasnt Been Solutions
Stressing the importance of fitness tests National health goals for 2020 focus on
level of activity rather than fitness levels
Discourages Students
Have PE focus on lifestyle changes and
Students think short term goals are long-term active lifestyles
Teach students how to manage diabetes
Worried about students with diabetes Good Diet
having hypoglycemia with too much
exercise Insulin management

Only 35% of boys and 27% of girls Overall build positive relationship
attend daily PE class through positive experience

An overall negative relationship with PE

and PA