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How to Give and Take with the Best of them.

Feedback is NOT
Be Kind

Everyone is working hard to do well

Everyone is on a different path

We all need a little help no matter where

we are on our journey

Dont be cruel!
Their Story not Yours!

Dont Hog the Spotlight

Be Constructive.
The Golden Rule
Feedback will be graded

Make sure to write up the feedback sheet!

Give verbal feedback

Your intention should be to truly help your

fellow students make their work better

We are not alone on our journey. Many

hands make light work. We are a team.
Be impeccable with your word

Dont take anything personally

Dont assume

Always do your best

Writing is hard. Sharing your work in progress
is harder.
We are all vulnerable and open wounds.
The way you respond says more about you than
the writer.

Writing is

I'm not a very good writer,

but I'm an excellent rewriter.
~James Michener