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Michael J.

Chief Executive Officer, Grosvenor Capital
Management, L.P.
Vice Chairman, World Business Chicago
Chicago, Illinois U.S.A

Vice-Chairman Chairman CEO. Grosvenor Capital City of Chicago Management .World Business Chicago Board of Directors Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Michael Sacks.

World Business Chicago Mission • Contribute positively to the growth rate of the Chicago regional economy and advance the development and employment of Chicago’s human capital • Provide a good return on investment to the city and taxpayers supporting the organization .

Marketing/Public Relations – designs and implements marketing campaigns to promote Chicago’s business advantages. international delegations. coordinates key public & private sector partners 2.World Business Chicago Core Functions 1. maintains a database of new and expanding business projects 3. NATO Summit. Research – conducts economic and industry analyses. manages key events. Business Development – provides location assistance and incentive information. university recruitment) . Leadership Initiatives – coordinate and host opportunities for engagement (Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs. sponsorships and trade show involvement 4.

metros Total Chicago MSA Population • 4.2 million workers .S.409 The city is home to 2.About the Chicago Region Chicago is the heart of a major metropolitan area comprised of: City of Chicago • 9.481.7 million residents and 1. 3rd among U. a growth of 2.3 million workers 9.5 million residents.700.955 4% (+383.000 people) since 2000 • $500 billion annual gross regional product (GRP).

At least 30 different ethnic groups with a population greater than 25.serves 700 million passengers annually • TWO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS – flights to 200 + cities per day . University of Illinois. 200 theater companies.80 miles of shoreline. 15.10 professional sports teams • RICH IMMIGRANT HERITAGE.000 • BROAD MASS TRANSIT NETWORK. Northwestern. et al.000 restaurants • STRONG SPORTS TRADITION. • HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE. 35 museums.Key Assets • TOP NOTCH ACADEMIC INSTITUTIONS- University of Chicago. 88 beaches.

200. 411. 2%3% 651. 4% Government.100. 5% Leisure Retail . 9% Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics . 144.600. 10% Financial Activities.600.300. 190.600. 7% Transportation & Utilities. Services. 13% Professional & Business Services. 283. 195.300. 706.400. 5% Other Services . 16% Manufacturing.600. Information. 554.500.700.Key Assets– Diverse Industries 2011 Chicago Employment by Industry Construction. 10% 401. 439.000. & Health 232. 79. 15% Education Wholesale. and Hospitality.

.Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs September 2011 • Mayor Emanuel calls for the creation of a comprehensive and inclusive plan for Chicago’s economic growth • World Business Chicago is tasked with leading the effort • A diverse and inclusive steering committee is formed The Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs is: • Fact based. pragmatic and analytical • Beneficial to all sections of society • Chicago focused looking outward • Updated and modified regularly The creation of the plan is a process we must embrace and own so that we always have a strategy and vision for the future.

Grosvenor Capital Management .Leadership & Partners World Business Chicago Co-Chairs Tony Anderson: WBC Executive Committee Member. LP Glenn Tilton: WBC Executive Committee Member. JPMorgan Chase. Inc. Ex Officio Steve Koch: Deputy Mayor. The City of Chicago Steering Committee Professional Leadership . United Continental Holdings. Ernst & Young Michael Sacks: WBC Vice Chairman.

Key Strategies Driving the Plan 1) Become a leading advanced manufacturing hub 2) Attract business services and headquarters 3) Become a leading transportation and logistics hub 4) Make Chicago a premier destination for tourism and entertainment 5) Make Chicago a nationally leading exporter 6) Create demand-driven and targeted workforce development 7) Foster innovation and entrepreneurship 8) Invest in next-generation infrastructure 9) Deploy neighborhood assets to align with regional economic growth 10) Create a business-friendly environment .

3-year infrastructure program with major investments in Chicago’s water system. and public transportation – Chicago Infrastructure Trust: Customized financing using taxable or tax-exempt debt. a $225 million effort to reduce energy costs by more than $20 million and remove 30. parks.000 cars’ worth of emissions annually – Chicago Broadband Challenge . equity investments and other forms of support • Retrofit Chicago.Impact to Date – College to Careers. clean technology and bio sciences – Building a New Chicago: $7 billion. Skills for Chicagoland’s Future – Announced nearly 25.000 jobs since May 2011 – Streamlined business licensing – ChicagoNEXT council of technology business leaders focusing on new opportunities in digital. O’Hare airport.

has built-in accountability. and its progress tracked over time . direction and monitors progress – Fellows provide on the-ground assistance with the strategies and civic engagement – High impact initiatives are launched regularly for collective top-line GRP and jobs Lesson 3: Process – Designed as a living process – not a one-time project – that welcomes collaboration. foundation. refreshed. diverse and inclusive Steering Committee (corporate. and will be maintained. community leaders) Lesson 2: Implementation – Steering Committee provides ongoing oversight.Closing Lessons Lesson 1: Leadership – Led by the Mayor. labor. civic. @WorldBizChicago .