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A Seminar

On Power

By:- Lovish Tripathi

CONTENTS • Why we Need this ? • System Security • Power System Security • Types of PSS • States of Power System • Factors Affecting Power System • Functions of Power System Security • Overview of Power System Security .

power failure . . short circuits.Why We Need this ? • In order to Protect the entire grid and region from various kinds of blackout .

What is System Security ? • Security is the degree of protection against danger .damage . • A system security provide a form of protection that insure the safety and security of the assets and the threat but is no not limited to the elimination of either the assets and . loss and crime.

•Power System Security Power System Security is defined as the ability of the power system to remain secure without serious consequences to any pre-selected list of credible .


States of Power System • Normal • Alert • Emergency • Extreme Emergency and • Restorative. .

the remaining lines do not get overloaded • Any initiating event should not result in .• Factors Maintaining Affecting Adequate Spinning Power Reserve ensures that System Security when a generator fails. when a Line is taken out. the remaining units can take up the deficit load without too much of a drop in frequency • Taking care of Transmission Line Flows When generation is dispatched ensures that.

Major Functions of System Security – System Monitoring – Contingency Analysis – Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) .

C.• Provides System Monitoring up-to-date information ( Telemetry Systems ) • Critical Quantities are measured and transmitted to a central location • Measured Quantities ( V. I. power factor.B Status etc. ) • Digital Computers at control centres – Gathers Telemetered Data – Process this Data – Stores the Data in a Data Base – Generate Alarms – Operator can display this data – Combines data with system models for on-line and offline analysis – Telemetering is combined with Supervisory Control to provide operators with a capability to control components . f.

to study the system – Generate Operator Alarms • Other Features – Fast Solution Methods – Automatic Contingency Selection – Automatic Initialization of Contingency Power Flows using Actual System Data and State Estimation Procedures . Contingency Analysis • Power System Problems due to events such as Transmission Line and Generator Outages etc. can cause serious damage within very short duration • Contingency Analysis Programs – Model the events before they occur – Combined with standard analysis procedures such as Power Flow etc.

t Economic Operation • May not be secure • Post Contingency (Figure B) o State after contingency has occurred o A Security Violation may have occurred o Ex: Tn Line Flow or Bus Voltage outside Limit • Secure Dispatch (Figure C) o State with no contingency outages o Corrections to dispatch parameters taking security violations into account • Secure Post Contingency (Figure D) o State when contingency occurs at the base operating condition.Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow (SCOPF) • Optimal Dispatch (Figure A) • State Prior to a Contingency • Optimal w.r.with corrections .


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