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OLFM Training


Day 3

 Most Important Setups
 System Options
 Transaction types
 Stream Types
 Stream Generation Templates
 Accounting Template Sets
 Products
 Formulas
 Inventory
 Contract Numbering

QA Check Process

 QA Check is used to check the integrity of the contract

 Standard Checks and Custom Checks possible.

 Checks can
 Fail (You cannot proceed further)
 Warning (Error but can proceed further)
 Success (No error)

QA Check Process

QA Check Process

Core Contract Responsibility -> Setup -> Contract -> Quality

QA Check Process How to Create a Custom QA Check  Create a Package and Procedure  Create a Process using OKC Standard Screen (OKC -> Setup -> Process Definition)  Associate the Process with the Standard QA Check List (OKL LA QA CHECK LIST)  Decide the Severity Level (Stop/Warn) .

p_token1 => 'ASSET_NUMBER'.G_RET_STS_SUCCESS for Success OKL_API.G_RET_STS_SUCCESS) THEN OKL_API.  If Success. QA Check Process . . the following message should be set: okl_api. p_chr_id IN NUMBER).asset_number). END IF. the following message should be set: IF (x_return_status = OKL_API.G_RET_STS_ERROR for Error.set_message (p_app_name => G_APP_NAME. p_msg_name => 'XXX_INVALID_DEPR_METHOD'. p_msg_name => 'OKL_CONTRACTS_QA_SUCCESS').  If Error. .set_message(p_app_name => g_app_name.Procedure should have the following signature: PROCEDURE XXX_TERM_VALIDATE(x_return_status OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2.x_return_status should be set to OKL_API. p_token1_value => main_rec.

Stream Generation  Stream Generation can happen using  Internal Stream Generation (Oracle’s API)  External Stream Generation (Super-trump)  Stream Generation will be discussed in detail in the Next Classes .

Approval Process Contract Approval has the following options No Approval Workflow Based Approval AME Based Approval Decided by Profile Option: OKL: Lease Contract Approval Process When Set to None. contract will not be sent for Approval. It will move from to BOOKED status from COMPLETE status. .

Approval Process .

apps.approve_lease_contract is Raised. If Profile Option is set Workflow. notification is sent to the person who created the contract. When Workflow or AME is chosen.Approval Process When None is Chosen.okl. If Profile is Set to AME. If not set. a business event oracle. a notification to the person named in profile option ‘OKL: Lease Contract Approver’. then AME is used to get the List of Approvers (AME Transaction type OKLLAAPP).la. It is subscribed by the workflow OKLLAAPP. . Business Event is NOT raised hence no workflow is launched.

Activation  When Contract is Activated:  It creates a Booking Transaction  Asset is Created in Fixed Asset Module for Leases  Install Base Records are Created  Accounting Event is Created .

submit_for_approval Activate Contract API OKL_CONTRACT_BOOK_PUB.generate_streams Approval API OKL_CONTRACT_BOOK_PUB. Booking Process APIs QA Check API OKL_CONTRACT_BOOK_PUB.execute_qa_check_list Stream Generation API OKL_CONTRACT_BOOK_PUB.activate_contract .

System Options  Similar to Receivable and Payable System Options  Used for Setting up Operating Unit Level Options  Primary Ledger  Corporate Book  Account Derivation Rule  Payable Distribution Set Name  Accrual Parameters .

System Options .

Operational Options Setting up Operating Unit Association with  Inventory Organization for Choosing Items  Inventory Organization for Remarketing  Price List for Remarketing .

Operational Options .

Stream Types  Stream types used for Accounting and Billing Purpose  Oracle Seeded Stream Types Available  Custom Stream types can be Created .

Stream Types  Main Properties  Stream Type Purpose – System Level Lookup OKL_STREAM_TYPE_PURPOSE  Revenue Recognition Basis o Accrual with Rule o Accrual Without Rule o Cash Basis  Billable Yes/No  Prior Period Accrual o Reverse o Do Not Reverse .

Stream Types .

Stream Generation Template  Grouping of Stream types required for a Product  Primary and Dependent Stream types  Operating Unit Specific  Pricing Name associated for External Stream Generation .

Stream Generation Templates Main Properties  Product Type (Financial/Investor Product)  Tax Owner (Lessee/Lessor)  Book Classification (DF/Operating/Sales Type/Loan/Loan Revolving)  Interest Calculation Method (Fixed/Float/Float Factors/Reamort/Catchup)  Revenue Recognition Method (Actual/Estimated & Billed/Streams)  Days in Year (360/365/Actual)  Days in Month (30/Actual)  Booking Pricing Engine (Internal/External) .

Stream Generation Templates  Usually Defined for Each Financial Product for Each Operating Unit  Needs to be defined before defining Products/Accounting template Set  Contains all Stream types required in life of a Contract  Needs to be defined. Validated and Activated .

Accounting Template Set  Grouping of Accounting Templates  Defined for Each Product. for each Operating Unit  Associated with Stream Generation Template Set  Used for Accounting of a Lease .

Accounting Templates and Lines  Defined under Accounting Template Set  Defined for various combination of Transaction type and Stream types  Formula associated for deriving amounts for the transaction types  Booking  Rebook  Release  Termination  Accounting lines defined under the templates .

Accounting Templates .

Finance Lease. TRAC Lease. Investor Product  Contract is Associated with a Financial Product  Financial Product needs to be Validated and Approved before it is used .Financial Products  Financial Products are Created for Different Kind of Leases  Examples are Operating Lease.

Financial Products  Product Templates  Qualities  Products  Product Workflow .

Financial Product  Product Template .

Financial Product Define Product .

Financial Product .

Financial Product Assign Quality Values .

Financial Product  Accrual Streams .

Financial Product  Approval Workflow .

SGT. ATS .Product.

Formulas  Formulas  Are Used for Deriving Amounts Dynamically  Provides Flexibility  Used extensively in OLFM  Associated with Accounting templates and in Terms and Conditions .

Formulas  Formula is of format  A+B–C  Formula Consist of  Labels  Operands  Functions .

Formulas Defining Formula  Define Function (PL/SQL Function)  Define Operand  Constant  Function  Formula  Define Formula  Labels  Operands .

Formulas  Define Function .

Formulas  Define Operand .

Formulas  Define Formula .

Formulas  Entity Relationship .

Transaction Types  OLFM has Standard Transaction types  No New Transaction type can be added  All the activities in OLFM are records as Transaction  A Transaction can be Accounted or non-Accounted  For Example. Booking will be Accounted but Asset Relocation is not accounted .

Transaction Types Example of Transaction types which are Accounted:  Booking  Accrual  Rebook  Termination  Etc. Example of Transaction types which are Not Accounted:  Asset Relocation  Equipment Exchange  Like Kind Exchange .

Inventory Setup  Define Inventory Org and Remarketing Org  Associate these Orgs in the Operational Setup  Define all the Equipments in Inventory module  Define them in the Master Org and Copy them to Authoring Inventory Org and Remarketing Inventory Org  These equipment will be available during Contract authoring process .

Inventory Setup .

Inventory Setup .

DFF  Header DFF .

DFF  Line DFF .

DFF  Party DFF .

Contract Numbering  OKC Module used for Contract Numbering Setup  Responsibility => Test Contract Security  Navigation => Setup => Contracts => Auto Numbering  Setup can be done at the following Levels  Site or Operating Unit Level  Further Setup at Class/Category  You can use Prefix AND Suffix .

Contract Numbering .

Technical Details  Stream Generation Templates  OKL_ST_GEN_TMPT_SETS_ALL  OKL_ST_GEN_TEMPLATES_ALL  OKL_ST_GEN_TMPT_LNS_ALL .

Technical Details  Accounting Templates  OKL_AE_TMPT_SETS_ALL  OKL_AE_TEMPLATES_ALL  OKL_AE_TMPT_LNES .

name FROM okc_k_headers_all_b AND = khr.Technical Details  Getting Financial Product for a Contract SELECT pdt.contract_number = <Product Name> .pdt_id = pdt. Okl_products pdt WHERE chr. Okl_k_headers AND khr.

ID AND pdt.pdt_id = pdt.ID = CHR.NAME = 'LEASE' AND khr.pdt_id AND qlt. okl_pdt_pqy_vals pqyv. okc_k_headers_all_b CHR.VALUE FROM okl_pqy_values pqv.ID = khr.ID AND pqv.contract_number = <Contract Number> .qve_id AND pqyv.ID AND CHR. okl_pdt_qualitys qlt. okl_k_headers khr WHERE pqv. okl_products pdt.pqy_id = qlt.ID = pqyv.Technical Details  Find the Product type for a given contract SELECT pqv.

Product tables .