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Table of Contents
UK as leading destination
India as developing destination
References 2
This report includes the cultural, social and
physical features of two tourist destinations
and their comparison in context of tourist
attractions at these places. The two tourist
destinations are United Kingdom and India
out of which one is developing whereas
other is leading tourist destination. 3
Features of United Kingdom as
leading tourist destination 4 5
Cultural Features
The culture of UK is predominantly influenced by Christian
religious life.

Theimportant aspects of British culture include literature, music,

camera, art, theatre, comedy, media, television, philosophy,
architecture and education. The culture also has prominence in
science and technology.

Thevarious sports events organised in the country suggest that

sports are also an important part of the culture of Britain.

Theofficial language of the country is English language. It

inherited the literary traditions of England, Scotland and

Dueto various aspects of culture incorporated by the

country the tourists are interested to visit the country 6
Social features
British society has been divided into system which includes classes
which arrived through hereditary transmission of occupation.

The social classes are influenced by wealth, occupation and

educational factors.

The Parliament also comprise of House of Lords representing upper

class and House of Commons representing the lower class.

The social life faced a huge impact after the Second World War
which resulted in a dominated economy with changing role of
women and more individualistic culture. However UK has still not
become a class less society where presently the classes have been
divided on the basis of employment by assigning grades. The
classification was given by UK Office of National Statistics. 7
Physical features
United Kingdom is located at north-western coast of continental
Europe. Due to this reason it is surrounded by many islands.

There are a large number of places to visit for tourists in UK but

the highest tourist attractions are located in London city. There
is a great diversity in the physical geography of the country.

The ten tallest mountains of UK are all located at Scotland. The

longest river in UK is River Severn which is 350 km wide. The
country has a temperate climate with local variations. The
estimated population of the country in 2011 census was 63.182

These climatic conditions are also one of the major reasons for
making the country one of the leading tourist destinations. 8
Features of India as developing
tourist destination 9
Cultural features
India is a country which has highest cultural

The different states of the country represent different

cultures each being unique in context of its customs,
beliefs, traditions, dressing and language.

This cultural diversity in India is the major reason of

attracting tourists from all over the world who are
willing and curious to know about the diversities in the
different cultures of one country and how they affect
the cultural unity and sovereignty of the country. 10
Social features
The social traditions and lifestyle of people in India is
completely influenced by their culture and beliefs.

The traditional society customs developed by

ancestors are still found in the social environment of

The oldest traditions and social values are also found

in some or the other form which is the reason to
attract tourists from different parts of the world who
seek to explore the ancient customs and rituals
performed in the country. 11
Physical features
The geography of India comprises of three different types
of physical divisions structured as Himalayas representing
the mountain areas in the north, Great Plains with basins
of three rivers in the central region and Plateau at the
south region which are made our of hard rocks.

The country is not only culturally and socially diversified

but also has huge geographical diversifications and
demographic diversifications.

Thus the tourists from the different parts of world

consider India as a good tourist destinations since a large
variety of socio-economic and geographical factors are
found in the environment of country. 12
Comparison of developing and
leading tourist destinations
Basis Leading tourist destinations Developing tourist

Meaning It refers to as those countries It refers to as those countries

which have high industrialized which is not developed
economies, high GDP and per country and has low levels of
capita income, well built productivity and standard of
infrastructure and an advanced living, high growth of
market. population and
underdeveloped industry and
infrastructure with more
reliance on agriculture for
economy. 13
Example UK India

Economical development The economy in UK is a The economy of India is

developed economy with fluctuating and developing
high GDP and per capita economy which is
income of citizens of dependent on agricultural
country. exports and production for
its growth.

Cultural attractions The culture in UK is a The culture of India is

combination of all the highly diversified which
aspects such as art, consists of variety of
literature, camera, sports, traditions, beliefs, customs
cinema, philosophy, and rituals related to
architecture and education. different aspects of culture
representing different states
in the country. 14
Social diversity The social system of UK is The social system is India was
divided into various classes divided into classes in ancient
inspired by the old and ancient times but presently it is
traditions on the basis of influenced by the culture and
occupation and employment. traditions of different states
and that too up to a limited

Purpose of tourism The purpose of development of The purpose of tourism

development tourism and tourist attractions development in India is the
in UK is to increase the economic development of the
revenue from tourism sector for nation and growth of GDP and
the country. income generation for the
government. 15
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