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Business proposal-to

start a new business

Shanto-mariam university of creative
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Marketing plan for Coffee Shop
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Md.Ashaduzzaman 131011538
Sunjida Akter 131011537
Sabber Hossain 131011540
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Rafiqual Islam
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Express your feelings

beyond your dream
Content of marketing plan
for Expression coffee shop
1. Executive summary
2. Company description
3. Product and service
4. Marketing plan
5. Operational plan
6. Management and
Content of marketing plan for
Expression coffee shop

8. Start up expenses and

9. Financial plan
10. Appendices
Executive summary
Expression coffee shop is a coffee shop located at
Zam Zam Tower, near shanto-mariam university
of creative technology, Sector 13,uttara, dhaka-
1230. Expression coffee shop serves all type of
coffee to provide refreshment. Expression focus
all type of customers such as youngsters, mature,
children, professionals etc. it also serves verity in
coffee and new innovations with coffee.

It adopt Eco friendly (indoor) environment for our

coffee shop. We serve coffee in clay cup. There
are Eco friendly furniture use in coffee shop.
Company description
Expression is in its first year of business as a
start-up business. It recognized the fact that a
comprehensive, strategic marketing plan is
required to ensure profitability and success.
Expression offers verity in coffee. The market
need is for coffee shop that provide
refreshment, convenience and reasonable price
Situational analysis also include
Project at glance
SWOT analysis
Key to success
Project at glance
Shop name : Expression coffee shop
Product : Coffee
Location : Zam Zam Tower (uttara,dhaka-1230)
Capacity : 1300 cups/month
Raw material : Coffee bean, Milk, Sugar, Cream, Ice-
cream, Chocolate
Land : 1500 sq.ft
Labor :6
Cost of Project : 42,22,500 BDT

ownership business
Product description
Expressions unique roasting style flavored coffee
Cold Coffee with chocolate ice-cream
Coffee with cinnamon stick
Hot coffee
Coffee with cream
Black coffee
Sugar free
Quick responds
Music system
Payment by card or cash
Reasonable price
Open for all
Different lighting shade
Marketing plan
Convenience :
the area of coffee shop is convenient for valuable
customer because it is near to college & university

Customer services :
servicing the customer with superior attention is
what the employee are trained to provide.

Competitive pricing :
the price of coffee is bit more than a traditional
competitor like coffee world.
Increasing sales by 30% in a year
Retain customer satisfaction
To provide eco friendly environment.
To provide different types of innovative
products as per customers teats and
SWOT Analysis
Strength :
Ensure quality of product
Focusing on customer teats and preferences
Pricing policy
Convenient area
Friendly environment
Weakness :
Existing competitors
Difficult to maintain
Opportunity :
Introduce online/ telephone order system
Developing new product and services in future
New machines of coffee maker are introduce in

Threats :
Government rules and regulation

Key to success
Customer attention
Pricing policy
Marketing strategy
Vision :
to make well known coffee shop of the city

Mission :
to save the world from mediocre coffee.

Purpose :
to deliver an unbeatable coffee experience.

Punch line :
express your feeling beyond your dream
Target market :
Middle class, students, professionals, and
youngsters who like refreshment in their busy
Children who love sweet and cold coffee

Advertisement :
In local news paper
Store front display
Marketing mix
expression pricing scheme will be based on a competitive
pricing model with other similar product providers

Expression products will be dispended from our one and only
shop. we provide home delivery.

Promotion :
our shop is located in traffic area so it will significantly increase

Customer services :
we provide products base on customers taste and
Operational plan

Raw material collected from chak bazar

We make some coffee like:
Cold Coffee with chocolate ice-cream
Coffee with cinnamon stick
Hot coffee
Coffee with cream
Black coffee
Sugar free
Operational flow chart

Served By

1.In special occasion like- pohela boisakh , 31 st

Night valentines day, pohela falgun served
by smart lady.
2.Normally served by male employee.
3.Sometimes we also served.
Management & organogram
Personal Financial statement
Financed by Md.Ashaduzzaman
Invest from own assets like land,
pond, bank deposite,auto rice mill.
Take loan from BRACK bank to start-
up this business.
Start-up expenses and
Expenses of house rent.
Decoration expense.
Furniture expense with served
Advertisement expenses.
Start-up capitalization:
50 bigha land
Financial plan
Break even analysis:
Can be express through and equation
called break even equation
Px=Vx+Fc+(0) Where,
here,P=product sales price/unit
V=variable cost/unit
Fc=total fixed cost
x=quantity of product
Operational plan
Operational plan
At end of the presentation we can say
that our coffee shop decoration and
services different from any others coffee
shop. Because of our friendly
environment and friendly employee.
y o u
n k
h a