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Related Among Age With Lung

Tuberculosis in Embung Fatimah Hospital

1. Aulia Fitriani Nasution

2. Muhammad Nasrullah
3. Tsintia Pebriyani Bhuhori
4. Winarisyah
Chapter I
Tuberculosis lung is a disease caused by
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the aerobic bacteria
that can live in the lungs or other organs which
have a high level of O2 (Tabrani Rab, 2010)

Age is variable which always

observed in epidemiological survey.
Incident of morbidity and mortality
inside almost all condition showing
with age (Notoatmodjo, 2007).
Chapter II
Chapter III
Frame Consep

Dependent Variable
Recovery Of TBC
Sort Of Research
This Research is using with sort of research
cross sectional
Research Location And Time
Research Location
This Research Is take place In Embung Fatimah
Research Time
This Research is held during January to July

Population and Sample

Population in this research is all patient of
TBC that had been claim recover by
doctor in Embung Fatimah Hospital From
January to July 2014 that have 15 persons
Technique sampling using total sampling
it all of population
Chapter IV
Univariate Analysis
Age Frecuence Persentase (%)

Early adulthood (26- 35 9 60


Late Adulthood (36- 45) 6 40

(Depkes RI, 2009)

Total 15 100,0
Time Frequence Persentase (%)

rapid (6- 12 Bulan) 8 53,3

slow (> 12 Bulan) 7 46,7

(Muttaqin, 2008)

Total 15 100
Bivariate Analysis
Variabel Waktu Penyembuhan p value OR
Independe (95%CI)
Fast Slow Total

N % n % n % 17,500
Early 7 77,8 2 22,2 9 100

Late 1 16,7 5 83,3 6 100


Jumlah 8 53,3 7 46,7 15 100

Chapter v
Based on the research results, it can be concluded as
The age of patients with pulmonary TB in Embung
Fatimah hospital are 24- 35 years old (60%), 36- 45
years old (40%), this indicates that the patient are almost
all early adulthood 24-35 years old.
The Patients with pulmonary TB are rapid healing (53.3%)
and slow healing (46.7%).
There is The Effect of Age on the healing of pulmonary tb
in hospitals Embung Fatimah Batam where early
adulthood healing time is 17.5 times faster than late
The Department of Health is expected to monitoring and
evaluation the nutritional status, and do counseling to
people about the importance of nutrition to the healing
process, one of which is pulmonary TB.
Embung fatimah hospital is suggested to continue to
improve the care and treatment the pulmonary TB
patients so that the healing process of pulmonary TB
will can work well and effectively.
Pulmonary TB patients is suggested to manage healthy
lifestyle and good nutrition and still obey the advices
from doctor and so that the healing of pulmonary TB will
be better and it is not take longer time.