What’s New in SAFe® 4.0?

An Overview

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1. Overview
2. Program and Team Level changes
3. Expand for large Value Streams
4. Manage large Portfolios

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4 . Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1. Overview © 2016 Scaled Agile.

5 .Knowledge for people building the world’s most important systems SAFe is a freely revealed knowledge base of proven success patterns for implementing Lean-Agile development at enterprise scale © 2016 Scaled Agile. All Rights Reserved. Inc.

All Rights Reserved.0 4.0 2. 6 .0 LSE Agile development | Lean product development | Systems thinking © 2016 Scaled Agile.0 1. Inc.The evolution continues Field experience at enterprise scale 2011 Now… 3.

PRESENTING SAFe 4. Inc.77 . 1. All Rights Reserved.0 for Lean Software ® and Systems Engineering © 2016 Scaled Agile.

All Rights Reserved.SAFe 4. Built-In Quality 2. 8 . collaboration. Transparency © 2016 Scaled Agile. and delivery for large numbers of teams Core Values 1. Alignment 4. Inc. Program execution 3.0 Synchronizes alignment.

All Rights Reserved. Inc. 9 .Three-level SAFe © 2016 Scaled Agile.

0 is backwards compatible with V3 SAFe 3.0 is a superset: all the features of SAFe 3. and when. needed Note: SAFe 3.0 website and courseware will be fully supported through 2016.Three-level SAFe 4.0 are in 3-level SAFe 4.0  Well suited for small to medium-sized. Inc. All Rights Reserved. independent programs  Migrate existing SAFe implementations to 4.0 as. © 2016 Scaled Agile.0  4. 10 .0 Three-level SAFe 4.

2. 11 .New foundation layer Easy access to the Values. Practices. Principles.3 © 2016 Scaled Agile. Lean-Agile Mindset. Inc. and SAFe® Principles  Implementing 1. All Rights Reserved. Mindset. and Implementation guidance  Lean-Agile Leaders  Communities of Practice  Core Values.

Inc. and manage queue lengths #7-Apply cadence. 12 . All Rights Reserved. integrated learning cycles #5-Base milestones on objective evaluation of working systems #6-Visualize and limit WIP. Integral SAFe principles #1-Take an economic view #2-Apply systems thinking #3-Assume variability. reduce batch sizes. synchronize with cross-domain planning #8-Unlock the intrinsic motivation of knowledge workers #9-Decentralize decision-making © 2016 Scaled Agile. preserve options #4-Build incrementally with fast.

13 . 2. Program and Team Level changes © 2016 Scaled Agile. All Rights Reserved. Inc.

14 . All Rights Reserved. Inc. and measure progress  Have enhanced guidance for program execution  Have enhanced communication with new Vision and Roadmap updates  Customize to your context with Value Stream Level constructs © 2016 Scaled Agile.New Program Level  Manage the flow of work through the Program Kanban system  Apply objective Milestones to plan. manage.

Infrastructure © 2016 Scaled Agile. 15 . Exploration 2. All Rights Reserved. Architecture 3. Inc.Enablers support value at all levels  Enablers are technical initiatives that support the development of upcoming business initiatives Enablers  Enablers exist on all four levels of SAFe: Portfolio – Enabler Epics Value Stream Level – Enabler Capabilities Program Level – Enabler Features Team Level – Enabler Stories  Enablers usually fall into one of three categories: 1.

All Rights Reserved. 16 . Inc.Program Kanban for flow and Feature readiness Program Epics Funnel Review Analysis WIP limit WIP limit Breakdown of epics WIP limit Individual Features Funnel Analysis Backlog Implementing Done Features © 2016 Scaled Agile.

All Rights Reserved. Inc.Enhanced Team Level  Support Agile Teams with software. hardware  Apply Kanban for flow  Built-In Quality covers software and hardware  XP software guidance © 2016 Scaled Agile. firmware. 17 .

18 . All Rights Reserved. establish WIP limits. and illustrate bottlenecks Scrum © 2016 Scaled Agile. DevOps. and System Teams—often apply Kanban as their base practice  Scrum teams can apply Kanban to visualize work. but Scrum is not exclusive  Some teams—especially maintenance teams.SAFe teams have a choice of methods  Most teams use Scrum. Inc.

3. 19 . Expand for large Value Streams © 2016 Scaled Agile. Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Inc. 20 .Expand SAFe for large Value Streams © 2016 Scaled Agile. All Rights Reserved.

Inc. All Rights Reserved.New Value Stream Level For people building the world’s largest and most critical systems:  Establish governance with an Economic Framework and Value Stream roles  Build integrated Solutions for Customers  Manage fixed and variable Solution Intent  Manage the flow of Capabilities with the Value Stream Kanban  Apply cadence and synchronization © 2016 Scaled Agile. 21 .

g. It is defined by Solution Intent.g.  The Solution Context defines the environment in which the solution operates: . product suite (word processor as part of an office suite) Solution Context . Inc.Other applications or systems the target solution is integrated with © 2016 Scaled Agile.Solution and Solution Context  A Solution is uniquely associated with one Value Stream... avionics system as part of the aircraft). All Rights Reserved. 22 .System of systems (e.Production infrastructure (e. cloud environment where solution is deployed) .

statement of benefits. 23 . Inc. and acceptance criteria  They must be structured to fit within a single PI  Capabilities are split into Features for implementation A G I L E R E L E A S E T R A I N A G I L E R E L E A S E T R A I N Capability A G I L E R E L E A S E T R A I N Value Stream Backlog © 2016 Scaled Agile. All Rights Reserved.Capabilities describe Solution behaviors  A Capability describes the higher-level behaviors of a Solution  They are maintained in the Value Stream backlog and are prioritized using WSJF  They are written using a phrase.

All Rights Reserved. traceability. Inc. high assurance © 2016 Scaled Agile. and Suppliers to a common purpose  Support compliance. system builders. contractual issues.Capture knowledge in Solution Intent Solution Intent: Single source of truth as to the intended and actual behavior of the Solution Traceability  Record and communicate requirements and design decisions  Facilitate continuous exploration and analysis activities  Align the Customer. 24 .

Scope. Directly validates product assumptions. Inc. Customer represents self proxy the Customer . 25 . Collaborative scope and schedule . Defines fixed/variable solution intent . All Rights Reserved. hypotheses attends planning and Solution Demos . Solution Intent reflects facts and . Solution builder content authorities . schedule. managed investment builders’ discretion funding model © 2016 Scaled Agile. Frequently validates product assumptions . and budget at solution management.Customers have Agile responsibilities Engaging the Customer in the Agile process—depends on type of Solution and Customer impact General solutions Custom built-solutions Example: End-user Example: Government purchaser of a CRM system purchaser of a defense system Impact on solution Indirect Direct .

 SAFe® Enterprises help Suppliers improve their processes and become more Lean and Agile. Solution Demo. The overall Value Stream’s agility is dependent on Suppliers’ agility.and Post-PI Planning. participating in all value stream ceremonies. and Value Stream Inspect and Adapt. Inc. All Rights Reserved.Suppliers may or may not be Agile  Suppliers often play a key role in Solution development.  Lean-Agile Suppliers are treated as another Agile Release Train. 26 .  Suppliers working in traditional methodologies work against Milestones but are expected to attend Pre. © 2016 Scaled Agile. to the economic benefit of both organizations.

27 . and select representatives from ARTs and Supplier  Pre-meeting helps build an aligned plan for the next PI and match Solution demand to ART capacities  Post-meeting reviews. and provides feedback Value Stream Pre Post ART PI Planning ART PI ARTs Planning ART PI Planning © 2016 Scaled Agile. VSE.Coordinating with Pre. recaps.and Post-PI Planning  Typically attended by: Customers. Solution Mgmt. communicates. Inc. Value Stream stakeholders. Solution Architects/Eng. All Rights Reserved.

All Rights Reserved. Inc. showing accomplishments of the previous Program Increment  Senior managers and high-profile stakeholders review the progress  Action and investment decisions are based on this objective evidence © 2016 Scaled Agile. 28 .Solution Demo provides objective evidence  The Solution Demo is a major event in the life Solution Demo of the Solution  The entire Value Stream demos a fully integrated solution.

 Most often at the Value Stream and/or Program Levels  Some can apply to the Portfolio or Team Levels (e. Inc. 29 .g. All Rights Reserved. Vision.)  Use only what is needed for each SAFe® level in your Enterprise © 2016 Scaled Agile. Roadmap.. Metrics.Spanning palette increases flexibility This is a floating surface for roles and artifacts that can apply to multiple levels of SAFe. etc. It is an essential part of the configurability and modularity of the framework.

4. All Rights Reserved. Manage large Portfolios © 2016 Scaled Agile. Inc. 30 .

Inc.Enterprise Portfolios  An Enterprise may have multiple Portfolios  Enhance Lean-Agile Budgeting with Value Stream funding. 31 . and OpEx  Organize around value  Coordinate Value Streams in a Portfolio © 2016 Scaled Agile. CapEx. All Rights Reserved.

Larger full Solution Context business needed (4-level SAFe) Multiple SAFe portfolios. All Rights Reserved. Smaller Value Stream Level not business needed (3-level SAFe®) Multiple Value Streams. Inc. some Largest larger. some with multiple ARTs.and 4-level SAFe) © 2016 Scaled Agile. 32 .Portfolios within the Enterprise Single-ART Value Stream. some smaller business (multiple instances of 3.

All Rights Reserved. Inc. Value Stream Coordination  Cadence and synchronization  Injection of new Portfolio Level Epics and Enablers  Program/content management and enterprise architecture  Portfolio Roadmap  Deployment and Release © 2016 Scaled Agile. 33 .

Train Everyone. Inc. All Rights Reserved.34 . 1. © 2016 Scaled Agile. Launch Trains.

Inc. All Rights Reserved. 35 .Implementing SAFe 1-2-3 © 2016 Scaled Agile.

com/case-studies © 2016 Scaled Agile.Achieve business results Happier. TI 30 – 75% more M E T TO faster time EN motivated to market EM employees PR M O AR AG D KE G U T CT EN BUSINESS VI I TY TY RESULTS I AL U 20 – 50% Q 50%+ increase in defect productivity reduction See ScaledAgileFramework. 36 . Inc. All Rights Reserved.

© 2016 Scaled Agile. All Rights Reserved. 37 . Inc.

38 . in client higher quality increase collaboration satisfaction Dramatic Better focus 90% improvement Increased on the most Improvement in Net efficiency with business in build and Promoter aligned teams value deployment Score © 2016 Scaled Agile.Dependencies 50% 95% Better able and risks Improved Decrease in to manage revealed far delivery product expectations in advance predictability defects 20-25% 20 – 50% Higher Better Increase business-IT Productivity productivity. Inc. All Rights Reserved.

com Leading SAFe® with SA Certification Implementing SAFe® with SPC4 Certification © 2016 Scaled Agile. Gain the knowledge Find SAFe training Explore the SAFe worldwide at: knowledge base and ScaledAgile. Inc. 39 . All Rights Reserved.com find free resources at: ScaledAgileFramework.