Business Draft

By Smit Pambhar

 Name of the Company:
 Type of Business : Manufacturing
 Location : Shapar (Veraval), Rajkot
 Date of Commencement : 2011

 The company was started in 2011.
  The complete Precision Investment Casting
(Lost Wax Process) requirements of the
 Prozen Technocast is gradually expanding its
reach to multifarious buyers from India &
  Production of Precision Investment Casting
of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals, Alloys
and Super Alloys.

The Right Results…….  Continuous monitoring on our engineers. Mission of the Company  Strive to be leaders in this business by offering products of a world class quality. No matter what the application. .  To develop long-term business relations with our customers..  Prozen Technocast manufactures investment casting component with – The Right Alloys…. technicians and workers for best efficiency and best quality.

Industries We Serve  Engineering & Automation  Defense  Power Plant Boiler Parts  Medical Implants  Industrial Valves  Aerospace  Structural Hardware  Turbine Blades  Earth Moving Machinery  Marine Applications .


usually made of wax.e. consumable) pattern. Process  Step 1 : Die  An expandable (i. is produced through an “Injection Press” by forcing hot pasty wax at high pressure into a metallic mould called a die. .

A Die .

connected and assembled by ‘gates’ to Wax spruce to form a tree or cluster. These Wax Patterns are positive models of the part intended for casting and reflect the precise geometry of the finished parts. Multiple numbers of Wax Patterns are made. . Process ( Cont.)  Step 2 : Wax Pattern Injection & Assembly  Disposable Wax Patterns are produced by Injecting Wax in the Dies.

Wax Pattern Injection & Assembly .

 This process is done in Temperature and Humidity controlled rooms. .)  Step 3 : Ceramic Investment  The Wax assembly is dipped into refractory slurry. The Assembly after a such wet dip is coated with refractory grains. called “Stucco”.  A number of coats are given with a time of 6 to 8 hour to let the coat dry. The whole process can take upto five days though can be speeded up if required by using special chemicals. to achieve best dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish. Process ( Cont.

Ceramic Investment .

.)  Step 4 : De-Waxing  This process is invested or covered with refractory layers. this process of casting is also called to “Lost Wax Process”. and in the past it was “lost” by burning off. As the wax gets removed. it will be dried and thereafter the wax inside the Assembly automatically removed by melting inside a steam autoclave. Process ( Cont.

De-Waxing .

The molten metal is then poured in the baked ceramic moulds for filling of the entire moulds cavity. Process ( Cont.)  Step 5 : Conventional Casting & Curing  The ceramic moulds are baked at temperature ranging from 900⁰ C to 1150⁰C depending on the geometry and size of the casting. .

Conventional Casting & Curing .

The parts are cut away from the central spruce using a high speed abrasive cutter or conventional engineering method. the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration or by water blasting. .)  Step 6 : Fettling  When the metal has cooled and solidified. Process ( Cont. Then send for the Heat Treatment as per the material specifications.

Fettling .


D-5B. 1. D-5. d-3. D-5S. D-4. . D-2C. D-2B. D-3A.) Ductile Iron  Ductile Ni-Resist Irons ASTM A439-84 D-2.


) Ferrous Metal  Carbon Steel  Carbon – Manganese Steel   Carbon and Carbon – Manganese Steel  Low – Alloy Steel   Ferritic Stainless Steel  Martensitic Stainless Steel  Duplex (Austenitic – Ferritic) Stainless Steel  Precipitation-Hardened Asthenic Stainless Steel  . 2.



LG2. G3. 3. AB2.) Non – Ferrous Metals  Aluminium Bronze : AB1. PB4. LG1. LB3. LB5 Phosphorous Bronze : PB1. etc… Lead Bronze : LB1. LB2. LB4. PB3. PB2. LPB1 Gun Metal : G1. LG4 . G2. LG3.



Facilities  Latest Technology and Equipments  Inspection . Test and Laboratory  Quality  Money Saving .

Bengluru. Agra. etc. COUNTRIES WE SUPPLY  INDIA ( Pune. Delhi.)  Dubai  USA .

Certificates .


. . Rajkot (Gujarat) INDIA. Dist. Sitlamataji Temple. Shapar (Veraval) – 360024. 66 K. 244. CONTACT DETAILS  Address:  Prozen Technocast  Survey No. B/h.  Contact:  Phone: +91-2827 253144 | 253145 Cell: +91-99980 18918 Email: info@prozentechnocast.V. Opp. A. Plot No.