The Classification

and Division

Types of Selfie
Love it or hate it, the
selfie is an important
part of modern pop
culture. Please split the
selfies your class has
brought in into AT
LEAST 3 distinct
categories that don’t

. etc. Standards cannot be mixed.First of all….  DIVISION breaks a subject down into components or categories. fraud.)  CLASSIFICATION does the same. (Like Dante put people lower in hell— and therefore closer to Satan) The method of measurement must be clearly stated.  Classification & division are closely related. but rates or ranks the groups according to a common standard. (Like Dante categorized hell by sins—violence.

and the same standard isn’t being measured (moving from year in school to grades to personality type) .Types of student The sophomore The A-student The class clown Doesn’t work: categories can potentially overlap.

Types of student The The The The The nerd athlete princes basket criminal s case This works: students are classified according to their social group. This list is fairly inclusive for the 1980s. What categories would you use if you were going to remake The Breakfast Club in 2015? .

 Classification is a common activity that is especially helpful in organizing large groups of ideas into smaller. types. segments. recognizable divisions that can be given distinct names or titles and then described in detail.So. what type of essay is this?  To classify is to gather into categories. methods. . or kinds according to a single basic principle of division.

.A few examples . TYPES OF TWITTER USER: •THE HUMBLEBRAGGER •THE SUBTWEETER •THE LURKER Household Chores: •Chores I Can Put Off For a Week •Chores I Can Put Off for a Month •Chores I Can Put Off Forever . .

Your Chance! .

etc. least to most.  Choose a principle or basis for making the classification. ..  Divide the subject into three or four distinct groups – (we will stick with three)  Arrange these groups in some kind of order or hierarchy—simple to complex.Hints for Writing a Successful Classification Paper  Select a limited or restricted subject.  Develop the classes as equally and completely as possible.

.  Use appropriate transitions to emphasize the order of arrangement of details.  Some kind of logical sequence should be followed: from the most to least important. and to show the relationships among the classes or divisions. or from the smallest to the largest. from the least to most important climactic order. . . and so on . PARALLEL STRUCTURE IS HUGELY IMPORTANT HERE! . .A little more about that order.

Your Thesis  Orderis important! You must name your restricted subject as well as your three categories. why is it important we know these divisions?  How you organize your thesis dictates the order of your body paragraphs! Be careful as you craft that thesis! .  Think about your comment.

Bring this category to life! Note: Here is your chance to embed scintillating description! . It is important that you use lots of description.  Provide detailed description of this category. You need at least two distinct examples in your paragraph.How To Organize Your Body Paragraphs You need to follow the same pattern for each of the body paragraphs!  Topic Sentence – creatively name the classification/category  Provide adefinition for the classification/category.

So. Body paragraphs 7-10 sentences) Number of Quotes 3 Number of Paraphrases 2 Work Cited Yes # of Vocabulary Words 10 Submit to turnitin. what are the parameters for this paper? Paper Overview Classification Essay Length of Paper 5 Paragraphs (intro and conclusion 5-7 YES! Points: 100 .

if you have 4 categories. . this is a GROUP paper! Group size: 3 people = the ideal number. Can be 4.But wait.

This is key because if voice and idea do not go together. You are the person who cements the cinderblocks. the paper will be choppy .Group Roles •Synthesizer : You will take all the writings and put them into a fluid piece (which means adding transitions and balancing voice).

(Groups of 4 will split this role) . Your responsibility also includes turning in the TTAPP.Group Roles •Key Writer: You will write the intro and conclusion. plus you will determine the voice. which we’ll do in class on Tuesday.

which parts of the paper will be written…you are the micro- manager! You will also do the final editing. . Lastly.Group Roles •Director: You will give direction unto what needs to be researched. make deadlines.

Individual Roles •Each write his or her own sections •Each perform his or her roles •Submit 200-250 word reflection – this will be submitted with the paper! •Each will submit the full RD to turnitin. . and one person will submit the final.

be kind – be firm •Maintain the integrity of guidelines .As a Group •Agree upon a challenging essay •Discuss the plan of the essay •Agree upon the avenue used in the intro and conclusion •Help each other.

November 16th. you will need to turn in: • Rough Draft showing your personal and group edits.On Monday. *Hard copy • ONE member will submit the final to turnitin by 11:59pm • Reflection (everyone) to turnitin by 11:59pm .

the most widely read books—regardless of literary talent—and the worst of the misguided superhero sequels are important elements of U. fads. what’s hot . icons. Popular culture (or "pop culture") refers to the cultural meaning systems and cultural practices employed by the majority of classes in a society. movies. Your topic – Pop Culture Sins. the internet. . Boy Bands. celebrities. The worst imdb movies. fashion. terrible early 2000’s fashion trends. popular culture. Be sure somehow in your paper that you address how your vein of pop culture influences teenagers today! . what’s not. trends. Think about: music. politics. the top “earworms” on the Billboard charts.S. .

Need Ideas for topics? (Be sure you write about something you know!) You could classify .  Music. politics. you are looking for sins: fashion crimes. . memes. Instagram (users. televisions shows. Like Dante. reasons why people have twitter. relationships. trends. pics posted). Make sure you are categorizing and illustrating to prove your point! . trashy novels. icons. fads. . celebrities. fashion. types of posts. tweets – types of tweets. failed sequels. movies. et cetera. the internet. tech gadgets.

define the category.  Grammar/mechanics are solid and at a college level.  Sentence structure is advanced and sentence variety is present.  It has strong Unity: Make sure each sentence in the body paragraph is related to the central thought.  The final sentence of the paragraph is a summation (of the paragraph’s topic) and a transition into the next idea.  Meet the needs of the POD – so for this sample. Each sentence is powerful and makes an impact on the reader. logical order.  Voice is evident/clear/unique. and then provide two examples. .  It has strong Development: Supporting details are provided that relate directly to the purpose of the paragraph and supports the thesis.Body Paragraphs can be tricky! Consider these elements:  Topic Sentence – It clearly “sets the stage” for what the rest of the paragraph is going to be about (provides an overview of that paragraph’s topic) AND it clearly connects to the thesis statement. you would want to name your category.  It has strong Coherence: Arrange ideas in a clear.  Word choice is “advanced” & reflects a mastery of the language. Provide appropriate transitions to the subsequent paragraph.

Need some inspiration? Check out the link to the right! I also have the link on our web page! You might also check out BuzzFeed! .FOCUS! USE THE CHECKLIST & REVIEW THE CALENDAR SO YOU KNOW THE TIMELINE! Before you get too far be sure that you get your umbrella topic and three categories approved on Tuesday. This can be trickier than it seems! All the categories must go together.


person must take part in the editing Director process and have a rough draft to turn in  Get topic/3 categories approved with his/her editing notes and comments. Assign be submitted to turnitin online before the who will write the works cited page. final draft. final draft.  Director will assign deadlines and  Each group member will submit an identify what will be completed during in edited rough draft on the due date of the class work time. This must and three quotes will be placed.  Be sure Point of View is 3rd person!  Ensure that body paragraphs follow  Create “snappy” names and definitions prescribed pattern.  Get TTAPP Approved  Ensure body paragraph order matches the thesis. synthesizer and when the key writer will submit the intro and conclusion. due date.  Assign who will find the source/sources  Each group member will write his/her and identify where your two paraphrases own 200/250 word reflection. throughout the entire paper!  Select 10 vocabulary words – assign to  Make arrangements for how to receive areas of the essay. .  Ensure that the voice is consistent and  Decide who will be writing each of the that the purpose is maintained body paragraphs.  Director will identify last day body  One group member will submit his/her paragraphs will be given to the final draft of the paper to turnitin. for each of your three categories.Classification Essay Checklist  Director will identify when the  Choose a partner/group synthesizer will provide full copy of the paper for group editing – remember each  Identify roles: Synthesizer. Key Writer.