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What is Management?

Decision making.  Manager : Creative Problem solver. 1.Aviod it. 

2.Solve it. 3.Seek them out-anticipate to avoid it becoming urgent.

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What is the Problem? 

1. What is the problem? Judgment and Intuition Key factors for identification. 2. What are the causes of the problem? When did the problem occur? Where did it occur? Who was involved in the problem?
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Causes of Problem    

Were the people involved carefully selected, trained and motivated? What equipment and facilities were involved in the problem? What events or conditions were connected to the problem? What were the hints of an impending problem? What calamities, crises and/or unusual events contributed to the problem?

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What are Possible Solutions 


No evaluation of ideas presented. No consideration of likelihood of implementation. Build on what others have suggested. Grope for the completely new and unusual. When in doubt, say what you are thinking. Laugh and have fun.

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Best solution to the problem
List possible Solutions Select Best one. Give the criteria to best one.   

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What actions do we take?
Implementation  Requirements: 1.Resources 2.Courage 3.Persuasion 4.Attention to Detail 5.Evaluation of progress. 

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Five Management Functions 

Planning Organizing Staffing Directing Controlling

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Management Skills 

Technical: Ability to use tools& techniques. Human: Build Positive interpersonal and behavioral relationships. Conceptual: Analytical, creative and intuitive talent of manager.
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Muslim Commercial Bank LTd.
Mission Statement ³To become the preferred provider of quality financial services in the country with profitability and responsibility and to be the Best Place to Work.´

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History and Future 

³Big five ³Domestic commercial banks. 50 years of operation. 1,000 worldwide srilanka Bahrain Punjab 57% Sindh 21% NWFP 19% Baluchistan 3%

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Federal Government 31% State Bank of Pakistan 9% Insurance Companies 7% Joint Stock Companies 30% Financial Institutions 10% Others 13%

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Management Functions of MCB 

Planning Process: Why something is do be done? Where and when it should be done? What Human, Financial and Material Resources will be required? How will these Resources be acquired? Who will do all these things?

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Good Planning 

Awareness of Opportunities. Establishing Objectives. Establishing Planning Premises. Determination of Alternative Courses. Evaluating Alternative Courses. Selecting a Course of Action. Formulating Derivative Plans. Numbering Plans by Budgeting
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Planning Authorities
Planning function of MCB carried out by Top management. 

President Directors Senior Executives
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The planning of MCB has taken into view 

Vision: Top management provide Vision for
organization. Clear & Target orientated   

Mission: Concerned with Scope of business and cultural values. Objectives: Boost up Profitability ,management, innovation and productivity. Goals: SMART Goals

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MCB Planning Division
Planning Strategic Planning Tactical Planning Operational Planning

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Strategic Planning 

Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we get there? What do we achieved when we get there?   

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Tactical Planning 

How must they do it? Short term investment t achieve overall strategic plan 

Who will have the responsibilities for doing it? MCB takes into consideration facilitating the
public need and demands.

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Operational Planning  


In MCB it is the manager, the officers and the staff of the branch which is responsible to carryout the operational plans of the bank Who? What? Where? When? How? How much of an activity?

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Planning Tools and Techniques in MCB 

Providing a suitable network. Carrying out Operational Research, as and when required. Costing analysis. Budgeting for various projects
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Tools and techniques include the employment 

Consultants. Brainstorming. Worker participation techniques. Management by objectives   

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Organizing in MCB 

Balancing B/w activity and authorities. Division of Labor. Delegation of authority. Departmentation. Span of control. Coordination

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5sucessful steps for Organizing 


Considering plans and goals. Determining the work activities necessary to accomplish objectives. Classifying group activities. Assigning work and delegating appropriate authority. Deciding a hierarchy

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Informal Organization in MCB 

The Horizontal Groups The Vertical Group The Mixed Group  

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Staffing in MCB

Human Resource Planning



Performance Appraisal

Training & development

Introduction & Orientation

Rewards, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion


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Human Resource Planning  



MCB has a full fledge department which is known as HRD. Steps toward planning HRM: Determining the business personnel and the management needs. Developing the job description. Building a pool of applicants. Reviewing applications and selecting those to be interviewed.
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HRM planning steps  


Reviewing applications and selecting those to be interviewed. Conducting the interviews. Checking references. Making selections. Offering employment

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The bank invites applications by publishing advertisement A closing date for the receipt of applications is always mentioned Candidates are thoroughly checked and scrutinized for short listing.
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Holding of tests / interviews Interview steps Relax applicant & build rapport. 2-3min Give the applicant job description.3-5min Determine the accuracy 4-7min Ask a series of open-ended questions.10-15 min

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Interview Procedure    

Summarize organization¶s mission, objectives and business philosophy.2-4min Summarize the opportunities provided to person in the position.2-4min Encourage the applicant to ask questions.210min Close with information about plans for making a decision.2-4 min

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Remaining Steps 

Induction and Orientation Training and Development Performance Appraisal Rewards, Promotion, Transfer, Demotion Separation
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Directing in MCB 

The MCB managerial cadre uses all such motivational strategies as can influence the mental aptitude and behavior of the employees to achieve the objectives of the bank.


Communication The managers and the staff not only
choose appropriate and proper channels to communicate but they remain anxious to have the desired feedback

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Directing in MCB  

MCB, being a financial establishment, demands a high degree of discipline delegation and orderly conduct consistent with successful performance of job responsibilities 

disciplined person exhibits the self control, 

The MCB staff colleges and the managers prepare their personnel to meet this challenging task

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Controlling in MCB 

Establishment of standards. Measurement of performance. Analysis of deviations or variances for cost control. Correction of deviations from standards and plans.

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Main focus of the MCB 

Customer Satisfaction. Employee¶s Respect and Dignity. Team based Approach. Good Corporate Citizenship. Quest for Quality.
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The control system of MCB 

Control at all levels in business matter. Acceptability to those who will enforce decisions. Flexibility. Accuracy. Timeliness. Cost effectiveness. Understandability. Balance between objectivity and subjectivity. Coordinated planning, organizing and leading

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