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Preferential Rays

on the Curved

On concave mirror Ray reflection law applies, i.e :

1) Blowing came lowing it comes parallel to the main axis will be reflected
through the focal point (F).
2) blowing came through the focal point (F) is aligned with the major axis
is reflected.
3) Blowing came through the center of curvature (P) will be
reflected back through the center of curvature (P).
4) Blowing came thought with an arbitrary direction will be
reflected such that angle equal to the angle of reflection.
The nature of
shadows on a
concave Mirror
The formation of shadows of objects on a concave mirror, among

1) Object is located between F and O

The nature of the shadow that is formed is upright, maya, enlarged,

situated before the point O
2) Objects located at the point F

Will not be formed the shadow or the shadow exists in infinity.

3) Objects located between the F and

The nature of the shadow that is formed is real, inverted, magnified, located after the point P
4) located at the point Object P

The nature of the shadow that is formed is upside down, real, equally great, located at
the point p.
5) Objects are located after the point P

The nature of the shadow that is formed is upside down, real,

scaled down, located between F and P.
Rays-the rays of a convex
Mirror on the Special
Convex mirror also has 3 special rays, namely:
1. The main axis parallel Ray mirror will be reflected as if coming
from the focal point F.

The main axis parallel rays

2. The rays came toward the focal point F will be reflected the
main axis parallel.

The rays towards a focal point

3. The rays came point heading into the Centre of curvature of M
will be reflected back as if coming from the point M.

The rays toward the center of curvature

Painted theShadow
a) TheObjectisat a distance
ofmore thanr.Objectsat a
distance ofmore
thanR,hisupside,and real.
b) TheObjectsbetweenthe mirror
andf.Objectsat a distance ofless
thanf,hisupright,and pseudo.
c) Objectsinthe focal point
off.F,objects inhis shadoware
d) The
andscaled down.
Painted theShadow
PaintingShadows OnA ConvexMirror

A convexmirroron thevariable
The formation ofShadowsof
objectsin the spaceI
Ifthere areobjectsin the spaceI
opticalCentrewiththe focal
pointona convexlensof F2, thenthe
formation ofashadowlikeimage
Painted theShadow

happenatsome pointand is
thebanyanganofthe object.Because
theshadowisthe intersectionof
theprolongation ofthe
raybiasthenthe nature
enlargedandare in thespace.
The Formation OfA ShadowObjectsInFocal PointF2
Ifthere is aright in thefocal point ofa convexlensonF2,
thenthe formation ofashadowlikeimage below.

Twospecialraysi.e.the rayscomingparallel to
themajoraxisandrayscoming from
theopticalCenter.The extension ofsuchbiasexperienced
noraysintersectingin apoint oran
objectshadowlayoutare atinfinity.
The Formation OfA ShadowObjectsInSpaceII
Ifthe objectexistsin the spacebetweenF2II
orwithconvexlenson2F2,hence the creation ofthe
shadeas shownbelow.

From the picture abovelooksthat ifobjectsdirectlyon

i.e.real,inverted, andequally great.
The Formation ofa ShadowObjectsIn2F2
Ifrightat the point ofa convexlenson2F2,
thenashadowlikeimage below.

From the picture aboveto see thatifthe objectsare

inspaceII,thentheobject will shadowformedin
The Formation OfA ShadowObjectsInSpaceIII
Ifthe objectsare inspaceIIIon the lensis convex,
thenashadowlikeimage below.

From the picture aboveto see thatifthe objectsare

inspaceIII,thentheobject willshadowformed inspaceII
withshadowpropertiesi.e.real,inverted, andscaled
Ofthe exposureabovethen we canseethat ifthe
objectsare inspaceIthenhis reflectionwas
inspaceIV,ifobjectsresidein the roomIIthenhis
shadowwill be inspaceIII,soalso ifobjectsare
inspaceIIIthenhis reflectionwas inspaceII.Based
onthe foregoingfor spaceobjects andspacesof
shadowscan beformulatedas follows:
Objectspace+SpaceShadow= 5